Style Elsa Pataky

Elsa Pataky – Spanish actress, and a young mother and, of course, very stylish woman. Just like in real life and on the red carpet she always looks perfect. This is the woman who follows fashion trends in clothing and hairstyles.

Red carpet and social events Elsa always picks beautiful dresses and neat natural hairstyles, which successfully highlight the beautiful neck stars and decorations. She always emanates femininity and sexuality.

Actress well known for her experiments with hair. Elsa often changing images, like trying on hats at the boutique. It changes the hair color, hairstyle. The Spaniard always bright and different. It can be seen with a delicate, slightly tousled hair, smooth hair, parted down the middle, with bangs and a bun on the head, romantic curls. And one day, beautiful repaint in black, showing its Spanish roots.

In everyday life girl outfit original and at the same time not too flashy. Elsa Pataky prefers comfortable clothing free forms. Pants or shorts are favorite clothes of the actress. For example, one of the best images Elsa – top combined with trousers, completed the image of ballet shoes.

Below in the photo gallery you will see the style of Elsa Pataky :

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