Style Cate Blanchett

The name cate Blanchett on the lips of many since 1998, when viewers saw the historical drama «Elizabeth,» which brought her global fame and the love of the audience. The actress has an ethereal beauty, but the nature of her light porcelain skin, slim figure and slightly angular shoulders, she has indescribable attraction. Maybe that’s why Kate is often asked to play characters from fairy tales or girls in retro style.

The star is not only a talented actress but renowned style icon in Hollywood. With a great sense of style, she’s not terribly fond of discussing fashion topics. Nevertheless, Blanchett many times fell in the ratings of the most stylish stars on the cover of fashion magazines. World famous designers still continue to create for her outfits.

Cate Blanchett cannot be called conservative in the choice of outfits. On the contrary, the film star loves to experiment and who is, almost always very successfully. It repeatedly noted the formidable criticism. What’s the secret star style cate Blanchett will tell «Fashionable».

Hairstyles Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett is one of those international stars who are giving their time not only for career but also for the family. As recognized herself an actress, she sometimes does not have time to wash my hair and just using dry shampoo, not to mention the fact to frequently change the color of hair and their length. And all the same hairstyle Kate always different and do not remain without attention. Film star often surprised the public with haircuts, sometimes a little unexpected. Hair color actress always remains the same – blonde of different shades. At social events hairstyles cate Blanchett is impeccable.

The casual look of cate Blanchett

The main criterion in choosing clothes the star – comfort. In everyday life, for walking with her husband and children Kate loves to wear loose and comfortable clothes. It – pants, sweatshirts and all kinds of pants, often 7/8 and cuffs. The actress masterfully transforms your outdoor images in bright, with interesting details and accessories.

Film star loves the blazers. This item of clothing is present in the daily and secular images. In them, she always looks fashionable and original, and the combination of spacious pants and skirts give the ensembles much subtlety and sexuality.

For the cooler season of the year cate Blanchett gives preference of one coat style that emphasizes her perfect figure, with the only difference in detail and color.

Red carpet and other events

The images are delicate and feminine cate Blanchett on the red carpet and other social events are almost always impeccable and thoroughly thought through. At such events, the actress has often demonstrated, sometimes bold, outfits from famous fashion houses. For example, it is quite safe may appear before the public in a transparent dress, decorated with flowers or silver pantsuit, dressed on a naked body.

Cate Blanchett prefers classical music, so often she can be seen in traditional manners. The combination of black with white a player favorite.

Petite diva and her impeccable sense of style are the envy of everyone, because every outfit on it looks luxurious.

The pregnant actress and her dress

Dresses one of the most favorite items of clothing cate Blanchett. The actress not once was pregnant and even in this particular condition for women do not deny yourself the access to the public in an elegant dress and shoes with heels. Proof of great taste stars are the dresses, which develop under the breast and emphasize the tummy of the expectant mother.

The secret of style cate Blanchett is simple. It is not beauty, but rather its attractiveness from nature, confidence and natural attraction.

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