Style Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel one of the most famous «angels» Victoria’s Secret. The model is constantly involved in many projects of well-known brand. The girl is incredibly beautiful, has a lovely figure and slender long legs. In addition to all the look the stars are always shining and sparkling, a beautiful smile.

Style candice Swanepoel was created from the beginning of her modeling career, and suffered numerous setbacks. Perhaps not all the images of a good girl, but she always still-to-face. Today her sense of style is much improved. Watching her, we can conclude that she skillfully takes the best from the fashion industry.

From the point of view of hairstylists in the correct candice oval faces, and so models are any hairstyle with her hair, and in addition and fancy styling. Supermodel prefers natural makeup with an accent on the lips, as makeup artists are often distinguished by her clear cheeks – a bright blush on his cheeks. Also Candace can often be seen with the arrows on the eyes – cat’s eyes.

Basically style candice Swanepoel – country. This straight t-shirt, short shorts, a thick belt and cowboy boots. She loves jumpsuits with pronounced waistline. Along with the country style, the model uses the outfits and boho – is a multi-layered clothing that you can always add a belt, boots and sunglasses.

Skirts – a favorite article of clothing model, which has a great variety. Candice is constantly experimenting with clothes. She has pencil skirts and mini skirts-flared, and even straight skirts to the floor.

Famous model often wears fur coats and leather jackets – leather jackets. A peculiar mixture of rock ‘ n ‘ roll and Bohemian. Any of these items of clothing looks great on candice.

Often candice Swanepoel can be found in the romantic images. She can wear a light dress with a gorgeous floral print or delicate lace dress, seductive dress with bandage top and a wrap skirt in pastel colours, a case with a geometric pattern on the straps, or bright pink outfit with a pronounced waistline.

The girl has a lot of outfits, in particular, dresses in black, because black is always appropriate. In her images are often dominated by classical elements of style or vamp. Among these outfits boxes with lace just above the knee, fitted silhouette dress with cascading on the shoulders straps, a balloon with a high neckline at the side, asymmetrical lace dress, one-shoulder and much more.

White color is no less of a favorite, Candace. This color is a classic in clothing. Among the outfits model you can find many items in bright colors – light overalls, shirts, tops, dresses, tunics and Stani. Clothes of such shades can be easily combined with other colors, but the styles (different length, shape and size of neckline how the dress fits firmly). Model perfect in every way.

Passionate nature blondes accentuate and dress red – love and passion. Despite the opinion that the red colour is perfect for brunettes, blond Candace in outfits that color – goddess. The girl chooses simple dresses red. It is cases, bandage with the smell, sometimes low-cut outfits.

Style candice Swanepoel – expertly seasoned balance. For example, the color red and therefore makes a bright girl, so why burden a cute way?

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