Style Bella Hadid (photo)

Having a dad architect, mom and sister models Bella just didn’t have the chance to get lost in the crowd. Despite the fact that Bella came into the fashion industry later discussed his sister Gigi, the girl managed to gain some popularity. The sisters always lead the ratings of the most stylish relatives, beating not only famous Kardashian, but Cara and poppy Delevingne.

Nineteen-year-old Bella Hadid and independently inspiring fashionistas around the world. Model wears equally well as boyfriend jeans and stretch tops and dresses with neckline and sweat pants, and designer suits and comfortable. Style Bella Hadid – jeans with a high waist and black sneakers. The girl is considered to be one of the most modern icons of style.

«Fashion» will tell you what are the peculiarities of the style of Bella Hadid is a young rising star in the fashion industry.

Things denim. In the wardrobe of the model is full of things denim. In her images, she often wears dresses, jackets, pants and shirts from the denim fabric as the fitted and oversized. Besides, Bella loves ripped jeans, which she has quite a lot.

Black color all over. This color of Bella’s favorites. What model prefers even dye their hair black so as not to seem angelic, like her sister Gigi.

In the style of glam rock. Girlfriend loves to wear tight leather pants, black leather jackets, which she’s all set. Besides, Bella knows a lot about bandannas and chokers – her favorite accessories.

Crop tops. Recently back into fashion cropped tops or crop tops. Thanks to its flat tummy model allows itself to carry a variety of options of crop-tops under sporting suits, shorts or jeans.

Swinsty. Bella Hadid manages to create a fashionable look for parties and dress-and with a comfortable sweatshirt, which she skillfully combines with other things – with skirts, dresses and pants.

Dresses. For rugs model kills your feminine outfits. If in ordinary life she prefers clothes of dark shades, at social events selects the most diverse and unexpected colors. So, at the Cannes film festival she had a red dress with a deep neckline, blunt cut and open back.

Accessories. Sunglasses – an essential attribute of any star image. Model prefer the classic rims of dark shades. Among bags favorites Bella has a neat light handbag over the shoulder, which make the images more delicate. She often wears them with oversized jackets.

Sport. Despite the fact that the star of the fashion industry has a luxurious look to maintain this form she has is not easy, because she is prone to weight gain. It therefore often and persistently engaged in on the treadmill.

How to repeat the image of Bella

To repeat the image Bella Hadid, will need ink, glasses, top and shoes.

For everyday makeup girl prefers a minimum of makeup, including: bronzing powder, eyebrow pencil and eyelashes.

Classic black sunglasses are present in every image of the model.

Today’s young stars prefer to wear dark tops, where they can often be seen. And the darker they are, the better.

Shoes – another essential attribute of style Bella Hadid. Fans sister are convinced that the models repeatedly prove that the shoes are much sexier Shoe.

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