Style Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaeli is a pretty popular model of Israeli origin. The supermodel has a very beautiful body shape and perfect proportions. The girl has excellent taste, always skillfully highlighting all the advantages of her appearance. Style Bar Refaeli is a very simple, elegant, uncluttered. The supermodel looks bright enough, so does not require additional emphasis. Wherever Parking, small meeting or on a walk, she always looks chic and harmonious. «Fashion» will tell how the girl manages so natural, elegant and seductive dress.

There is a perception that closed dress not sexy. Bar Refaeli long ago debunked this myth. So, at ceremony Laureus World Sports Awards the model wore an intriguing outfit – closed black dress. The dress was decorated by a modest neckline, slightly open legs of the model, which visually lengthened with the help of boats beige.

The girl confessed many times that he was proud of her toned stomach, although very love to eat. Your a sexy flat tummy she has repeatedly demonstrated in different outfits. For example, at the presentation of the Escada fragrance in new York in 2011 was a Bar in a leather ensemble – a short jacket and low-slung pants. The outfit was pretty sexy.

Bar Refaeli is one of those bright women who know how to pick outfits that have exquisite taste, skillfully emphasizes the beauty of natural images. The supermodel knows how to highlight the curvy shape. So, with a simple, black jumpsuit decorated with a modest neckline in the form of droplets, Bar has created a simple but sexy look.

Bar Refaeli has repeatedly been crowned the title of the most sexy women in the world. Her outfit at the party of Sports Illustrated magazine in 2012 was proof of this. At the event she appeared in a slinky blue dress made of lace with one-shoulder which perfectly accentuates the curves of the figure. The color of the outfit goes well with the eye color of the model.

Tight dresses – is not the only highlight of the star. Another stylish move is the male style of dress that perfectly accentuates a woman’s sexuality. Bar Rafael could wear a dress «male» cut, balancing its tight-fitting top with lace edging.

In their images of the supermodel prefers a minimum of jewelry. Importantly – skillfully selected colors, minimum jewelry, perhaps, open shoulders and a smile. All are key elements of an evening outfit sexy star. Bar Refaeli often uses this technique – seductive neckline, slightly open legs girls.

The supermodel can be seen frequently naked or in underwear, so in ordinary life, the girl prefers simple and not very revealing clothes. For example, to travel to Paris Bar have chosen the modest outfit, a simple top, jacket, casual style, three-dimensional bag and comfortable jeans, red color, perfectly emphasize the hips.

The secret to a perfect seductive, but not vulgar dresses – closed Puritan style length combined with transparent fabric. One example of such images Bar Rafael – the ceremony «GQ Man of the year» in 2012. The chosen method is simple, and the white color gives the girl tenderness and poignancy.

Not strangers supermodels and daring images. One of these tight leather black dress combined with a leather biker jacket. This outfit complete, therefore, needs no addition in some parts.

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