Style Amber Valletta

Amber Valletta is one of the most popular Actresses of the models of America. The actress of 41 years, she is a successful, well-known stylish woman. According to the site the girl entered the list of «style icons». And not surprising, because amber looks brilliant. For example, recently the star was honoured to close the show-the fashion show spring-summer collection of the Italian fashion house Atelier Versace, and last year participated in the spring show for Lanvin. In addition to colourful outputs on the catwalks, Valletta posed for several fashion magazines and has become representative of the range of Conscious Exclusive H&M.

Modeling career began at age 15 when her mother took her to modeling school Linda Layman Agency. Young beauty almost immediately was sent to Milan on a shoot for Italian Vogue magazine. This was followed by working for French Elle, who made a Valletta resident magazine in Paris. She literally blew the world of high fashion, having risen in one number with such supermodels as Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and others. Ascended the star of the fashion world lacked the time to make a lot of offers from renowned photographers and fashion magazines.

Amber Valletta known to the world not only as a model but as an actress. Her first role was in the film «Drop Back Ten» (2000), and in 5 years she starred in the film «Rules of Removal: method hitch». On account of its a lot of work in films, among them «playboy», «Dead silence», «Gamer», «Spy next door». In the television series «Revenge» she played Lydia Davis.

Style amber Valletta aged like a fine wine. She always chooses both the restraint and chic, it looks very tempting. Colors its dresses mostly in dark colors.

The actress always watching their appearance and figure, though the frantic pace of life and busy schedule leave little free time. The model does not consume meat, she is a known vegetarian.

Star never experimented on their appearance, but in the past year Valletta changed my hair, with it more than once. The first time she cut her hair short, but over time altered the fashionable hair shaved temples. New hairstyle complements the style of amber Valletta eccentricity, aristocratic and even more sexuality.

Outside of work and the spotlight, the actress loves to wear comfortable clothes. Her choice – a seemingly simple, but very cozy ensembles. The model has a sense of style by nature, so competently combines different fabrics and hues. Thus it creates the impression of several layers of clothing on top, with highlights slender legs, narrow leather pants or jeans.

Valletta like interesting shoes, mostly she loves flat shoes. The actress is not a fan of the countless accessories and jewelry, in addition, it welcomes natural make-up.

Choosing an outfit for the release of amber Vetta cannot change himself. She prefers outfits without unnecessary frills, vivid images, a variety of ornaments and intricate makeup. The actress likes to focus on black-and-white Duo and exquisite costumes, emphasizing the slender figure of a star. For example, she can wear the dress Stella McCartney fringe, which is very clearly emphasizes the dignity of the figure. Also amber the taste is asymmetrical outfit white one-shoulder or classic black knee length dress with thin straps. In all of these images Valletta looks short, but moderately freely.

Amber Valletta is not only a model and actress, but also a public figure. Since childhood, the girl dreamed of becoming a sociologist, now his unfulfilled dream, he embodies the charitable activities. So, one day she made a private charity project – fashion show «Supermodels against hunger», which was held in Phoenix, her hometown.

Below in the photo gallery you will see style amber Valletta :

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