Style: airoport style

Summer has droop, but many still don’t «celebrated» their vacation and it’s only going to go on a trip. So many questions arise about how to dress fashionably, but comfortable enough to be able to carry bags, and just not feel discomfort in the road.

This question is perhaps best to refer to the experience of world stars of show business. Because they regularly travel from one set to another, from one glamorous event to another and so on and so forth. What they put «on the road»? Thanks to paparazzi we can see it with my own eyes.

1.The main rule is comfort. No stilettos and skinny things. They hinder movement and are not too comfortable on the plane or train. Even the famous fashionista Victoria Beckham prefers comfortable and inconspicuous things when travell.

2.Please note casual. If in everyday life you are not a supporter of this direction, you should get a «road» jeans-Boyfriends and a couple shirts.

3.The emphasis on accessories. Another leifoh from the stars on a hat and large sunglasses. Then you don’t have to get up three hours before the plane to apply makeup or do hair. Well-known personalities it also helps to hide from annoying fans and journalists.

4.Large bags. Regardless of the fashion, «on the road» it is best to take a comfortable and roomy bag that will fit all the relevant detail from a passport to a thermos with tea.

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