Street style: ladies with red shoes

In the wardrobe of a girl who considers herself fashionable, must be red shoes. Ladies with red shoes look impressive and passionate. Because this color symbolizes passionate and ardent love, fire, passion and excitement. Red shoes will never leave indifferent neither men nor women. And if you are still thinking what colour shoes to buy, we urge you to choose red. Especially because today we will learn how to wear them. We hope to convince you that these shoes are not so picky in choosing clothes, as it may seem at first glance.

Apparel under red shoes

Girls who first purchased bright red shoes, once you begin to rummage through the entire closet in search of the red dress or suit. They think a red dress and suit will fit perfectly into their day to the toilet by just purchased new clothes. Well if you are, try and understand that not everything is so perfect as they thought. Worse, if ladies spend money buying red clothes. And wearing it under shoes already home, disappointed sigh. Why do we say so?

All the red you will merge into a single spot. Lost not only the highlight of the red shoes. The source will not remember neither your name, nor talk. You run the risk that he will see and remember after talking with you, only cutting his eyes red.

Another thing – a dress that has stripes or graphic patterns in red.

The second important point is to choose tights under the red shoes. And here is the only suitable choice is a bodily high tights 40 den. In the summer you can just leave the legs exposed.

It is not necessary for your shoes to wear black tights with patterns. It is vulgar. Worse look tights with mesh.

As for the bottom, which has to be worn under the shoes by a rich color, we suggest you go to classic trousers and skirts in black or white. No less impressive look and dress of these colors.

And the business lady just have to have maroon shoes, which you can combine with pencil skirt, fitted jacket and light blouse.

Daily image

What else would look appropriate beneath the red shoes – so it’s denim clothing. Pants, skirts, breeches denim perfectly complement the casual look ladies with red shoes.

And if you’re wearing a denim bottom, the top is recommended to wear a shirt, top or jacket white color.

Red jewelry this way is very appropriate. She set accents and draw attention to those areas of your body that you think is elegant and attractive.

Color under red shoes

Red is not the most «friendly» color. He is perfectly willing to coexist with black, beige, gray and white. That is, neutral shades of red love.

Contrast color with red will also look good. This means that clothing with a deep blue or green print to wear under a pair of red shoes.

Still red is friends with gold and silver shades. But only in the evening or on special events.

We have provided you a lot of pictures of ladies with red shoes. You can see that this color can be gracefully complemented by such accessories as belts and handbags, both red and other friendly with red flowers.

And as for the handbags, the red shoes look great with large bags and small clutches.

As you can see now, the red shoes is not so «harmful» article of clothing. The red color perfectly able to emphasize your beautiful place. You just have to decide which of your beautiful places the most lovely and enchanting eyes. He should not be dominant in the image.And then red is ready to become the highlight of your image.

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