Street style fashion capitals of the world

New York, London, Milan and Paris are world famous for their unique and unique style of dress. Each of these centers of the fashion world is the gaze of the public unusual and original decisions in the selection of clothing for every day. Interesting, sometimes strange, but in any case, remember the combination model a wide variety of things – that is typical for these cities of fashion.

Common features

And although street style in new York, London, Milan and Paris, sometimes just surprising, it is an especial beauty. In each of these cities is their any different, but at the same time, the same special properties that depend on different factors. History, multiculturalism, weather and more leads to your particular style of each of those cities. And what is it that she, this street fashion new York, London, Milan and Paris?

New York

New York is a wonderful city. Street style new York city is also unforgettable. Everywhere the city is teeming with vanity, frantic activity and the pace of life.

Many people, many vehicles, many skyscrapers…People often just don’t notice each other. It seems that they are getting dressed in the morning even have no time to look at yourself in the mirror, they are so in a hurry and in a hurry. The rhythm of the city offers the street style of new York.

Bold self-expression, a statement about yourself – that can be seen in the style on the streets of new York. Interesting sports stuff here served the indigenous inhabitants as elegant. Wide shirts with weird bright prints here hand in hand live with simple skirts. And the latter, in turn, the women of new York combined with sneakers. In street style new York fear to be not understood simply does not exist. Freedom clothing – here is the basic undying brand new York fashion.

In street style new York I love to mix vintage pieces with trendy, but that world-famous runway shows, fashion trends. Here are the things from Dior blend of things from the nearest second-hand. The people of new York believe that clothing must first be comfortable. So heels and dresses in street fashion of new York , rather the exception than the rule. Denim pants+shoes/sneakers+jackets/jackets – here it is, the perfect combination, according to new Yorkers.


London – the capital of the UK. There are many factories that produce clothes. So street style London’s fashionable novelties, which we saw on TV the other fashion weeks. To watch live world fashion week have to go to London. Street style London shows us all global brands in real time and on real people.

As new Yorkers, residents of London complement the light and airy dress with a leather jacket, and a lovely lightweight skirt with Gothic boots.

The hallmark of the street style of London is to Supplement it with all sorts of details, which create a complete image London ladies.


Milan famous for its fashion and international brands. Street fashion Milan comfortable but at the same time, she is beautiful. Clothes, according to the Italians, should be universal.

Street fashion Milan should be convenient to one particular outfit, a resident of Milan put on in the morning, you can go to work. And after work without changing your outfit to go in it for a walk, and in the evening more time out in the same clothes.

What should be the street fashion of Milan? Natural, sensual and feminine. Street style Milan simple but at the same time, the clothes, shoes and accessories – all should be from the latest collections. For Milan typical classic cut clothing, but with my twist, and always enhanced with luxurious accessories.


Paris – a city steeped in romance. Street style of Paris is refined and chic.

Parisian women stubbornly refuse to admit the simplicity and layering, which designers are trying to impose on us the last few years. Their priority is quality clothing, through which street style Paris turns feminine, neutral and universal.

A minimum of things maximum chic. In truth, the Paris street style -a dark blue or black jacket and a narrow pencil skirt, loose pants, dress in unobtrusive colors, low black pumps in suede or leather, the heel of which 5-7 see Parisians complement the clothing with a scarf, bag or necklace. The images can be completed with a scarf, necklace or bag.

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