Stars with low vision: celebrity with glasses photo collection

Glasses, recently, not only increasing the quality of vision, but also a stylish accessory. Modern optics manufacturers have made sure to cater to every fashionista and offer consumers with poor eyesight and not a huge selection of glasses of different shapes and configurations.» Not all the stars of show business, which we are going to talk lower, have a physiological need in this optical device, but they were able to pick out the most successful models of sunglasses and make them an integral part of their trendy image.

Evelina Khromtchenko

It’s hard to imagine the main fashion expert without glasses. Famous fashion expert, designer and TV presenter always skillfully chooses a particular model of points under a certain outfit, creating a really stylish and organic way.

Ksenia Sobchak

Ksenia Sobchak happy owner of a 100% view, but thanks to points she has repeatedly managed to create a truly original and trendy look. Collection of optical accessories, the presenter has a few dozen. Star media prefers frames retro shape, as well as «kosack-glasses».

Olga Buzova

Stars with low vision: celebrity with glasses photo collection

Olga Buzova one of those celebrities who really need to wear glasses for medical reasons. However, Olga is not afraid to be called «four-eyes», because those glasses that she chooses, she does very well.

Andrey Malakhov

Remembering a popular Russian TV presenter Andrey Malakhov, the first thing that comes to mind glasses. Without them it is simply impossible to imagine and it is no wonder: Andrey wears them since teenage years due to vision problems.

Maxim Galkin

The image of the husband of the prima Donna Maxim Galkin – perfect. And not the last role in the component of its image is glasses.

Meryl Streep

The famous Hollywood actress Meryl Streep from childhood could not tolerate these «eye care peepers», but was forced to wear them since four years. Barely reaching adulthood, Oscar-winning Meryl gladly traded them for lenses. But after some time, I overestimated my views on this subject and have been able to make eyewear stylish part of your image.

Justin Timberlake

Justin wears glasses independent doctors ‘ recommendations. The Timberlake cute they really are.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff enlists the help of glasses much less their star colleagues, but it is worth noting that this accessory makes her look more intelligent and interesting.

Johnny Depp

Famous pirate johnny Depp without glasses feels completely helpless, as his eyesight is extremely low.

Eva Longoria

Sexy Eva Longoria is often resorted to enhancing vision using contact lenses, but also the opportunity to «walk» the next couple of branded, trendy glasses doesn’t miss.

Lucy Liu

Stars with low vision: celebrity with glasses photo collection

Lucy Liu also loves glasses. She wears them not only during filming, this stylish accessory actress attends the secular parties and celebrations.

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