Star style Oksana Fedorova

Oksana Fedorova has long worn the title of world’s beauty. Since then, she had to sing, «spinning» vivid novels and have a baby. Today beauty Queen pleases his fans a new project on the channel «Home» – fashion show, the main idea is: for a stylish way does not need a million-dollar income.

Oksana Fedorova: style icon or not?

How Oksana Fedorova can be called a style icon? It should be noted that in recent times the images of models and singers, according to critics, was a failure. Despite the fact that the outfits may have been wonderful, if not a very good combination. Often the girl unsuccessfully picked shoes, jewelry and tights. Once at the concert, which gathered all the popular celebrities of show business, Fedorov came in a stunning kit.

Sometimes, looking at a star, we can conclude that Oksana is in the active search for creative Means yet own style she had not, but use ready-made fashionable images of beauty does not want to. Today star style Oksana Fedorova is an example of how you should not experiment. Example: ankle boots on her feet, the skirt of delicate lace (more like a part of the robe), loosely knitted jumper with print of «heart», a hat with a wide brim and a shapeless white tunic.

About the style of Oxana Fedorova

Once in an interview with Oksana Fedorova said that acquiring a particular outfit, if sees it as a design idea. The model does not carry the usual beautiful dresses. Perhaps this is the main mistake girls desire to hide his identity under a false idea, and this causes ludicrous stylistic errors. Every outfit is designed to highlight a particular trait of women, that’s why they say to find your style means to find yourself.

Well, Oksana Fedorova continues to find himself sharing the outfits on beautiful and very nice. Star style beauty – images created on your own taste, which the model has. Positive examples from the wardrobe Oksana Fedorova is confirmed, for example, a solid bright blue dress with an open back, which the girl wore for passionate Latin dances on one television project.

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