Star style of Yana Rudkovskaya

Once the main editor of the magazine l’officiel Evelina khromtchenko said, «well-Groomed woman always seeks what he cannot achieve woman in Bathrobe». Proof of this is Yana Rudkovskaya, which began a successful business of beauty salons in Sochi.

When things adventurous blonde took off, she decided to open up a number of brand clothing stores iconic brands. Today, all famous and wealthy people know that La Scala Fashion Group just real things because the owner, Yana Rudkovskaya, she goes on world fashion shows and ordered clothes abroad.

Yana Rudkovskaya was not only a successful business woman, but a famous fashionista. It has established star style is admired. Yana prefers the Western brands with a rich history, what she repeatedly said in interviews. The main favorites of women entrepreneurs Chanel, Louis faces Vuitton, Hermes. She believes that these brands will never lose their popularity. The work of the Russian designers also drew the attention of Jana, especially Julia Dalakian and Ilya Shiyan.

Famous blonde has good parameters, therefore, chooses outfits that emphasize the dignity of all shapes. At social events she often appears in a cocktail dress with length just above the knees. Yana Rudkovskaya loves to experiment with color and shape, so comfortable in her little black dress and the colorful outfit of a complicated cut.

A well-known weakness of Dress up shoes and bags. As she admitted, shoes and bags main color and… quantity. These accessories always logically complete images created Mothers.

Blonde selective not only in choosing clothes, she quite carefully monitors the skin and hair. In the morning, Yana Rudkovskaya only washes with cold soda, uses ampoules, serums and face creams, famous cosmetic brands.

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