Star style: Hanne Gaby Odile

Belgian model Hanne Gaby Odile, a long time stands out among all. Hannah simultaneously audacious and charming, not beautiful, but to ignore it is impossible. Model can hardly be called stylish – it can only combine contradictory.

Each output Gaby – challenge conventional fashion norms. The proportions and tendencies alien to her. Looking at all the images of Hannah, you can come to the conclusion that she just takes things out of the Cabinet and boom, combining what looks ridiculous.

Hannah Gaby Odile – the embodiment of the grotesque at the expense of one element of the image. For example, the wide baggy trousers or a trendy skirt. Often combined with things like Hannah picks is absolutely not the right shoes or demonstrates inappropriate open the stomach. At the same time, her images always have heels, a feminine silhouette and waist, and soft palette. Each outfit can be seen as a joke over any fashionista.

However, a simple Belgian model attracts attention. And the thing not only in its unusual style, but also an unusual appearance, broad forehead thanks to bleached eyebrows, colorless skin merges with white hair. Hannah Gaby Odile not beauty, but to look impossible. And still no one is sure, this style of Hannah or comic.

Below in the photo gallery you will see star style Hanna Gaby Odile :

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