Star style Ariana Grande

Career actress Ariana Grande since the beginning of school, and now she is a popular American singer. The popularity she received after the show «Victoria-winner» in which she played the role of cat Valentine. For this role, Ariana had to dye her hair in bright red color. As for the music career, on account of the singer’s two Studio albums and eight music videos. Her voice is often compared to the voices of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

Beauty secrets Ariana Grande

The young actress and singer carefully watching them, so Ariana always looks great not only because of their young age. It can often be seen with a light makeup or no because she has a beautiful dark skin tone. Ariana prefers light makeup in bright colours, as she admitted that doesn’t like to be too bright and feels uncomfortable when over her «conjure» stylists. Ariana has Italian roots, which gives its attractive appearance special flair, and his smile was mesmerizing.

The singer leads a healthy lifestyle (not drinking alcohol, not Smoking). This is one of her beauty secrets. Ariana is drinking plenty of pure water and loves fruit and vegetables, every day to eat grapes and strawberries. These fruits contain many vitamins and minerals that keep the skin healthy, so Ariana Grande can afford to appear in public without makeup.

Ariana Grande uses this easy makeup: She prefers to use a concealer, makeup base, pearl pink blush and mascara for the eyes. Occasionally Ariana emphasizes the expressiveness of your eyes with bright arrows, and on the lips causes favorite pink gloss.

Stage images Ariana Grande create stylists. These images are very unusual girl in a normal life. Of course, for filming on the singer applied a lot of makeup, though she loves herself more modest images.

Ariana Grande has its star style and her main beauty secret is cheerfulness and positive thinking. The actress is surrounded by good and kind people, in a circle where she feels herself, with makeup or without. Young star advises all to find your style and stick with it all my life.

Below in the photo gallery you will see the star style of Ariana Grande :

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