Sports swimwear

Merged the bathing suits came into fashion in the 70-ies of the last century, and designers are actively developing two areas — sports and beach.

For sports swimwear main criteria has always been convenience and hygiene. During sports they were not to interfere with the movement, it is necessary that they sat tight, but not stuck to the body. What would the body breathed, the material of swimsuits to chose from breathable fabrics.

Already known at that time, the French company Du Pont introduced advanced development — a combination of lycra with nylon, which became the main material in the manufacture of swimwear. But if until recently the models sporting swimwear main qualities was their practicality and comfort, and the color remained quite simple, in our days, in recent seasons fusion sports swimwear got a very different meaning.

Many are sports swimsuit like swimsuit in black or other dark colors without frills and devoid of decoration. Attempts to refute this idea makes the brand is H by Halston.

Polka Marlena of Szoka and the Spaniard Sheila Marquez, present a new collection dressed in sexy and even where it is too Frank bathing suits, become the main actors expressive photo shoot.

Alluring outfits really complements the exquisite shoes — ballet flats, sneakers massive wedge tennis shoes with a hint of intelligence. To use as a complement to the bright jewelry during training can hardly be considered appropriate, but for outdoor sports performances, girls would look great.

The models and colors of swimsuits actual 2012-2013

Regarding the color, we can note the popularity of monochrome colours in the sport, all the same, diversity is not welcome. But it doesn’t have to be the classic black color. In 2012 very relevant recognized white color swimwear and noble Golden. Unlike black, which is perfect for owners of fine shapes, and only emphasizes their shortcomings, white and gold color will fit to any type of figure.

In past seasons, designers have attempted to add a provocative touch to the sport model, adding a deep cut.

This season is the actual chaste cut throat. The swimsuit can have sleeves, but nevertheless, despite the closeness, it will look very juicy and attractive. There is a huge selection of swimsuits, created under the influence of beach fashion.

These include:

  • Swimwear-tankini consisting of a tube top and panties;
  • Swimwear-Monokini with large side cutouts;
  • Swimwear-Bandini — in these models, the straps are missing, and they found the expense of the breast;
  • Swimwear trikini, an intermediate model connecting piece, and separate bathing suits, panties and bra which are connected by a strip of cloth.

This model, incidentally, is in the collection of the H by Halston. It is possible to find swimwear with minimal processing. Found, for example, lacing, simulating a corset, or a bizarre plexus of strips of different fabrics. May be the desire to have such luxury swimwear has led many fashionistas to sports.

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