Sports shoes

The concept of «sports shoes» for many, clearly, but actually it various a lot. It depends on the purpose for which you want to buy such shoes. So, athletic shoes there are different types: Jogging, walks, fitness, dance, etc additionally, the athletic shoes have various styles and colors.

Modern sports shoes – not a publicity stunt, but a necessity. After all, the main objective of shoes is to protect feet, joints of legs and spine from injury and damage during different types of loads, which is why sports shoes are selected depending on the purpose.

Selection algorithm

First of all, you need to decide what kind of sport you will be doing constantly. So, for aerobics and dance, you can wear sneakers «aerobics», but if you need to hone skills of dance technique, then it is advisable to use specialized dance shoes. If you want to combine aerobics and the gym, then you should buy shoes for aerobics or running shoes for cross-training. However, in the past only need to walk.

If you prefer a treadmill, an exercise bike, then you can use the model to aerobics. When running on the street is an integral activity of sport, it is recommended to buy running shoes. But for a pleasure walk fit walking or cross-training sneakers. When an emergency or a lengthy walk, and if body weight exceeds 80 kg, you should buy cross-country model. Versatile sneakers for cross-training will suit anyone who just tries different types of fitness. When the selection is made, this model can be worn to the gym or for a walk.

Heavy my load

For people with excess weight for sports shoes suitable for aerobics, cardio fitness and running. These models are equipped with special shock-absorbing elements in the sole, which protect and support the ankle with flat feet. And here in the US podiatrists suggest wearing certain types of shoes as therapeutic shoes for flat feet and overweight.

Remember that tennis, basketball and volleyball sneakers are designed only for those sports for which they were created. Therefore, these shoes are not suitable for chubby people. Also, they are not suitable trekking options, designed for walking on the road (too heavy and hard).

There is a difference

Choosing sports shoes in the store, you should pay attention to the labels. However, if the shoes do not specify its type, then the model need to carefully examine yourself.

First, you need to bend your shoes as you walk, will twist along like a squeezing, squeeze soles on the sides with your fingers.

Secondly, you need to find lettering on the heel and under the toe, the arch of the foot.

Thirdly, examine the height, pattern and tread depth, and check to see rigid insert under the arch of the foot.

Fourth, we need to estimate the weight of the Shoe.

Fifth, should pay attention to the fabric from which is made top of the model (mesh, leather, thick cloth, leather) and closure type.

All this will help to determine which training is suitable pair of athletic shoes.

Running shoes for cross training and walking

These models differ in the sole, which, on the one hand, similar to Jogging, but thinner and stiffer, not so flexible, without any inserts. Top for this Shoe any mesh, stretch, leather, synthetic leather, combinations thereof). Instead of lacing possible Velcro, elastic or buckle and absent. These shoes are easy to identify – catchy design, bright cavity in the sole. The shoes are attractive only design, so people are overweight they will last a few months of irregular training (1-2 times weekly and less frequently).

Dance sneakers

Easily recognizable by the explicit heel and the front part подош3вы, which can be rounded or be placed on a small platform. On the border of the sole is perfectly bent to be comfortable to stand on tiptoe. Dance sneakers are lightweight, but tightly hug the foot. Therefore, with proper selection of the size of the shoes sitting on the leg perfectly.


This type of athletic shoes looks quite strictly, but also weighs quite a lot. The soles of these models with aggressive tread, tough, poorly bent (shock-absorbing inserts, mostly not). Common marking Vibram or Gore-Tex. The upper, made from nubuck or faux leather, so it tightly holds the leg and may even be rubbing bone or ankle. On this Shoe is the lacing, and tongue are often sewn, forming stockings.

Running shoes

Running shoes have soft, flexible solid sole. Under the heel there are inserts with inscriptions Gel, Wave, Grid, Adiprene, E-Fusion, Absorb, Air, air slots. Such insert is in the front of the foot – the high level of depreciation. If the tread is shallow, then the model is best used for running on asphalt, if deep tines for soil and grass (marking Vibram – teeth will not become clogged with dirt).

With flat feet, or excess weight on the sports shoes need stabilizer – rigid insert like rib or arch in the outer sole beneath the arch of the foot.

The top Jogging sneakers is always low and is made of synthetic mesh (removes the sweat and lets the air better than natural leather). The height of dense tissue is found only in running shoes for off road and winter (marking Gore-Tex – top is equipped with a membrane that protects feet from moisture; H2O is water-resistant impregnation).

In running footwear always have a hard heel and lacing. Non-traffic models the tongue is sewn, forming a kind stockings. Jogging sneakers weigh very little 330-350 g.

Sneakers for aerobics or cardio fitness

Such a sport shoes is sole is thinner than in cross-country, is divided into anterior (Noskov) part and the like of the heel. Depreciation of the insertion is not always available. The top is made of thick fabric or imitation leather that finds the ankle, protecting it. The protector is most often in the form of circles, smooth. On these sneakers is the laces and they weigh almost like Jogging.

Sneakers for the gym (weightlifting shoes)

This kind of athletic shoes like men’s shoes. Sole they are thin and hard, wide and low heel (ensure durability – especially important for those working with dumbbells and barbell). Shock absorbing inserts in them. The top is made of leather or imitation leather, has lacing.

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