Sneakers heels

I wonder if anyone sees any connection between luxury and sport?

It is not strange, but the developers of sports clothing and shoes of this bridge was conducted.

Probably the first time the world has been perplexed by this combination at first sight incompatible, having witnessed the sneaker heels: energy and charm, this is a truly explosive cocktail.

Sneakers on heels: the sports mix does not leave anyone indifferent. Conversations, arguments, assumptions about the birth of a new flow does not cease in the fashion world to this day.

I must say that the designers very cleverly took advantage of the situation and do not support decreasing fashion to the news at a very high level.

Against the background of constant rumours in the Internet, articles in glossy magazines about the new fashion, the combination of certain outfits from a new footwear designers create new models of women’s shoes both traditional colors and bright colors and whimsical palette of colors and designs.

Strictly speaking, the perpetrators of unexpected excitement, these newbies in the world of footwear fashion is not designed for daily training on a treadmill or in the gym. But a big plus this Shoe — comfortable Shoe, but because a hundred times try and go at least once.

Frankly speaking, this shoes is an attempt to Refine, to give the charm and glamour of sports shoes, make her look beautiful and even sexy. Most of the references in the Internet media and on television called the new shoes sneakers on heels, having in mind all sports beginning in such design decisions.

But if we approach the question of a precise definition of all seriousness, you can call the shoes not sneakers, and sports shoes. Anyway, the new shoes made a splash among lovers of sports shoes in the world of glamour.

What to wear with sneakers on the heel?

With sneakers on heels is the perfect accompaniment to blue denim shirt or white jeans. Of course depending on the color sneakers to heels, they can pick up a nice skinny jeans, t-shirts, shirts. Sports jacket made from stretch material with a peplum, a short skirt jockstrap and sneakers to heels. The jacket – the texture of fabric and colors you want to pick a sport, and cut peplum will make You look extremely feminine!

Many fashionable women worldwide now willing to use sports shoes as shoes on the way out, but also happy to go to her work and to the shops.

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