Small? Not a tragedy!

Small Breasts in any case should not become the cause of your shyness. This chest looks feminine, beautiful and young. But if your bust is smalland you worry about it, thanks to the advice in this article, you will be able to effectively increase these sizes for visual perception.

1. Linen.

Bra-bra, has the effect of push-up.

These models of bras have cups special inserts made of silicone or cotton, so that the chest is lifted and visually looks bigger. Such bras are usually worn under things with a V-neck.

The balconette bra.

These models are a particular cut thick cups with seeds able to accentuate the chest with a small size. Such things are usually worn under tops with round necklines.

2. Clothing.

Jackets with collar type Polo.

Picking up this jacket, be sure to pay attention to the material from which it is made, and if such material will be a thin wool or cotton, it is quite possible becomes a loose fit, but for fabrics-stretch, this fit should be such that the jacket fits snugly to your body.

Dress in the Empire style.

If your Breasts are petite, you will help to visually enhance her dress with an Empire waist in Empire style, thanks to the décolleté and the neck and chest, and thus will be emphasized. And this emphasis has become even stronger, right below the bust line to tie the belt.

Business suit.

Any classic suit together with blouse has collar-frill, able to create the illusion of more volume to the bust. The fitted jacket is possible for this purpose to Supplement the pencil skirt and striped shirt. At the same time, the stripes on this shirt should not be contrasted with the General color of the suit, and not to be too broad. Bright things will distract attention from those parts that you intend to focus.

A cashmere sweater.

Such a sweater is recommended to wear directly on the naked body, cashmere and all things look great on skinny figures. When choosing sweaters pay attention to pastel shades, and in order to create your image look more delicate, will be adding long earrings, and tie hair in a low bun.

White blouse.

At much the width of the hips is necessary to choose wide blouses that will allow you to effectively hide the extra inches on this body part. For those women who on the contrary have narrow hips, it is recommended that white shirt for any casual, a set of which will be jeans. Shirt tucked into jeans, her top button will remain undone, and the whole image is complemented by stilettos. Thanks to this ensemble of clothing Breasts become more decorated, and the figure will look balanced.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with men’s style, use of vests, and wear them with anything. Suitable for this purpose Capri pants and t-shirts and also slacks and shirts. But the best option would be a vest worn directly on the naked body, and paired with bra-bra.

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