Slip dress

If you are a confident woman and not afraid to show their bare shoulders and legs, the slip-dress is a perfect addition to create romantic-sexual image. With its slim and gentle fabric hugs the body, you will transform from an ordinary girl to a lovely curvy lady, which for a long time, it will be impossible to look away.

The history of the combination is maintained for a long time. This article of clothing, which previously was considered as underwear and was worn combination only under outerwear. With the time wearing a combination as ordinary dress was not so geeky and vulgar, were new model options.

Dress combination of today’s fashionistas have significant differences from the classical variants of this garment. Combinations are made from fine fabrics, if a layered model, here lightweight materials exist along with more dense. For decoration are used lace, draping, ruffles. The most suitable colors for combinations of pastel.

Combine this dress with anything. It is only necessary to consider the image you want to create, weather conditions, mood, or other factors that vary individually from each girl. Easy slip-dress will perfectly contrast with the jackets of thick fabrics, sweaters and jackets. It can also be combined with leggings and high heels. This image perfectly complement the elegant accessory of one tone with the dress, so different in color. The main thing — not to overdo it with colors. This dress is well suited knitted sweater or a cardigan.

Another interesting option is the combination of a lightweight slip-dress with tapered pants are a darker shade. For example, pale yellow combination is perfect pants brown. To add spice to the image put on a coat of dense material, and shoes with high heels make the look sexy and daring.

If you don’t like high heels, do not worry, slip dress and ballet flats or flip flops neat is a perfect Union. Nice looking sandals with ribbons that tie around the leg.

In order to create a bright eye-catching image, decorate dress of pastel colors additional vivid accessories. For example, large coloured bracelets, colorful beads, earrings and rings, long chains with a pendant. Today, these fashion accessories in a large quantity and variety sold in stores. Your task is to correctly combine them with a dress and not overdo it. Observe the rule: the smaller the jewelry, the more they can wear. Look great suitable color to one another and to the whole small bracelets.

Slip dress is a great option for the warm season. With it, you will look beautiful and elegant in any way from a modest cute girl to a daring temptress.

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