Slip dress (photo)

Dress combination called a little sundress with thin spaghetti straps. His style is similar to the slim fit of the dress on the shoulder straps or on the female combination. This kind of dress often is the subject of an evening dress. Although it all depends on the fabric and decor of this dress. In most cases, the slip dress is made from fabrics such as silk, velvet, brocade, linen or cotton, and the decor is most commonly used lace. However, getting dress combination, you should know what it should be combined to look like you are not vulgar, and beautiful.

Shocking slip dress

In the twenties of the twentieth century, the fashion was black combination, made of silk or satin. From the modern combinations of those models are distinguished by the fact that hem and they had large frills and waves, and the bottom hem has been hemmed with silk pale peach, pink or lilac flowers. In combination with the black color of these shades looked very expensive and elegant.

At that time, the evening dresses proposed by French fashion houses that were made of fine crepe de Chine with an elegant decor of rhinestones or beads.

In the twentieth century slip dress looked very elegant. It is not short length, and wore it with a Cape made of fur.

Today such a dress is quite a bold, daring, and even somewhat bold. Fashion designers offer to our attention a short model of this dress that can emphasize the beauty of the female figure.

What to wear with this dress?

To slip dress does not look tacky, you should know what it can be combined. Solid slip dress can accentuate all the advantages of your figure. And following the advice of stylists, slip dress will help you look more attractive.

•Very sexy will look elegant slip dress coupled with a long jacket or tailcoat.

•For fancy parties can approach a slip dress of any color, which is slightly decorated with some shiny details: sequins, rhinestones, etc.

•For women with overweight figure, dress-combination will have to complement the same color leggings and cardigan. A similar outfit is perfect for business events or for office, but especially appropriate this outfit will be on a romantic date.

•Dress-combination length to mid-knee can be supplemented with a broad tippet of fur, it will look very elegant and expensive, almost like in the twenties or thirties of the last century.

Currently, the slip dress is a short dress with a deep neckline, that is why this outfit will be able to try on not all modern women. Most often this kind of dress worn by the young girls or women who have lovely figure. No exception and stars.

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