Skirt with floral print

Five years ago world famous brand Luella for the first time presented to the world of the skirt is decorated with floral prints. Image of a woman in a skirt becomes a little more natural-a child and innocent. But combining floral skirt with different blouses turn out diametrically opposite types of women’s nature.

The style and length of skirt with a floral print can be selected any.

To popular models can be confidently attributed to the skirt-pleated, asymmetric skirt, skirt-bell and a flared skirt.

Maxi skirt with floral print is appropriate to wear in the summer, it is perfect for expressing light as the breeze and friendly mood of its owner.

It can be combined with a loose, bright blouse and comfortable sandals with low heels or ballet flats.

To unusual models is a pencil skirt with flowers on it. To choose the skirt length should be based on the length of the foot of its future owner. Despite the fact your skirt above or below knee, bright print would be a wonderful focus of the image. A business suit will easily be able to include a pencil skirt combined with a plain silk blouse.

Tulip skirt ladies choose their wardrobe at least a pencil skirt.

This style involves inconspicuous pastel floral print. Less visible figure will only accentuate the innocence and lightness of the image. Also interesting to look image in black and white.

The bell skirt is another successful variation. The size and color of the picture may be very different depending on the wishes of the buyer. To wear under her top or chiffon blouse.

Depending on large or small flower on each the skirt it looks different.

Small and medium flower in short skirts looks very good.

But a large flower on a short skirt might not be able to fully open, therefore, it is preferable to use a long or mid-length models.

Tender and gentle floral print is quite manifest itself at any length skirts, but most prefer the skirt length just below the knee or Maxi.

Further photos can be seen skirts with floral prints :

Skirt with floral print

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