Skirt the year back in fashion?

Earlier, fashion was skirts, which had the name year. Surprising that fashion evolves in cycles, which repeat after a certain time. And now, many well-known designers re-imagine in their collections a variety of colors and styles of this model of skirts.

Skirt the year back in fashion?

Length Godet skirt slightly below the knee. In some cases a year are even just above the knees, but it is quite rare. This model is slim, hugs the hips and then begins to expand and turns into a flare, which can start from the knee or slightly above. A rather unusual form skirts became fashionable for a long time, but now she again returns its position.

Since the skirt is quite interesting and unusual cut, it is not every woman. When there is a sufficiently full hips so the cut of the skirt will not fit the woman, as it will further enhance this volume.

But a slender girl with a figure of medium size, it can not afford a skirt year. Short-legged girls this style is also not suitable, because of its ability to further reduce them. But the tall girls and average delay are such a feature will come in handy.

It often happens that girls can’t pick up skirt year necessary clothing, which blended with her. But the best option is to wear the classic cut. a variety of shirts, blouses and jackets suitable for this skirt. If you want to create casual bow, turtleneck and fitted sweater-knit will come to her.

Skirt the year back in fashion?

You should also remember about the shoes with heels. If you need a skirt to wear, and high heels is not entirely appropriate, it is necessary to select shoes that will be quite a low heel, a max of five inches. And then the appearance will be relevant, not all will be tired.

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