Signs that you look outdated

Fashion is always changing, regardless of our desires. Sometimes we might seem that modern ladies are not as feminine as I would like. But if looking at a fashion show, you shake your head and realize that you will never dress up, so it’s time for you something in your style to change.

You dress emphasized sexually

Currently, all too short skirts, too tight dresses and too much cleavage look like a relic of the past. Today in fashion restraint and intelligence, loose fit and MIDI length. Look defiantly now not just indecent, but not yet fashionable.

In the modern world, according to stylists, the woman does not need to try to attract someone’s attention, because its success does not depend on her husband. Of course, this does not mean that you should look not sexy at all. Now, however, has changed the very concept of sexuality.

If you don’t want to look like a star of the nineties, should not dress like Pamela Anderson in mini dress with a deep neckline. Better to take an example from Angelina Jolie to opt for a delicate flowing dress.

You always wear high heels

Here is the same as in the previous section. Modern fashionista boldly walking comfortable shoes to go low or minimal heel. Because the modern proverb says: «the more independent a woman is, the lower the heel». Of course, you should have shoes on high heels, however, it should be reserved for exceptional cases.

It is not necessary to imitate Paris Hilton and wear of the hoof, better will daily choose comfortable shoes.

You are looking for clothes tone on tone

It was once thought that the bag, shoes and belt must be the same color. And if you happen to bought green gloves, you will certainly need to run around and look for the same color scarf. Today you can combine all, however, remember the rule that your image should be no more than three active colors. And, most importantly, there should be nothing superfluous and pretentious. You should not look as if you were preparing to leave home all day.

Besides, today is not in Vogue of various sets and kits. And if you are there, you might want to resprout and wear separately.

Super neat hairstyles

Smooth iron hair go on the contrary, very neat and well-styled curls will not just take you too much time, but will make your look outdated. Today in fashion easy restrainest, stray from hairstyles curls. And the bold girl now a special wash hair at night so in the morning their hair was trendy.

Too obvious makeup

Today, the main thing to everything you do with your face yourself or with the help of a cosmetologist or even a plastic surgeon, remained known only to you. Is no longer fashionable perfect silicone Breasts or pumped lips. Though before they liked is not everything.

And if you are not going to look like the girlfriend of the rapper, you shouldn’t get too carried away with cosmetics.

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