Short wedding dresses for fashionable brides

Bridal wear is extensive, ambiguous and multifaceted. Every year famous designers delight us with new and original models. Like here — in the collection this year. Of course «running the show» traditional lush dresses, but this time we will stop the attention on a shortened version — especially because it prefers more and more brides every season. This is understandable: many ladies believe that it is time to depart from the usual and boring traditional skirts-bells, and create your own, original, charming way.

Short model flatters the figure and long, slender legs of the bride. For girls who are confident that their feet are too beautiful to hide them under long skirts, even the most luxurious. For those who want to emphasize and not hide the perfection of the figures is the best fit collection of dresses this year.

The collection includes various models, figure-hugging mini-dresses, the models of brocade, chiffon, as well as traditional luxurious dress with lush skirt. The top can be in the form of the usual corset, or will it be a plunging neckline. This kind of gown will turn any bride into a charming, romantic and striking beauty.

Of course, the choice of wedding dress should be approached with the utmost seriousness — because you will be the happiest day of your life and you need to make the effort, so nothing could spoil your holiday. And of course, at the heart of this feast is the bride.

Short wedding dresses can better highlight her fragility and femininity, to make her the Queen of the feast, which the bride should be. So, consider invited our attention to the collection of wedding dresses this year.

We hope the presented variety every bride will find something original, unique and suitable only to her. We wish you to be dazzling, stylish and sophisticated bride, the shining star of your celebration!

Below in the photo gallery you will see short wedding dresses :

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