Shoes with ankle strap

How nice women’s shoes with the ankle strap! On your slim legs draw the attention of men? And with such a fashionable shoes you’ll get even more attention. Yes, and your friend will surely appreciate your choice.

Shoes with ankle strap

Elegant shoes

So you can say about this Shoe. It does not matter what the toe shape or heel have shoes. What band is the element that fascinates. Those shoes are very romantic and feminine. It becomes clear why the well-known designers are paying so much time for such shoes.


Summer sandals are the increased attention. It is clear, therefore, carefully look for such shoes. Fashion classic beige and neon shades that catch your eye because of its brightness. And note the shoes under the skin. If possible, get an sandals made with natural materials. However, they are not cheap, but you deserve the attention from people around you!

The color of the Shoe

You should pay attention to the acid color. It is bright and saturated. Shoes or sandals yellow and orange, herbal and red colors are in demand today.

Do not forget about metallic shades. Gold and silver are always appealing. Therefore, wearing shoes with these color options, you will feel confident in any situation.

What will come up to your sandals or shoes.

Select straight and skinny jeans. And can wear a dress or full skirt. Classic skirt, also well suited for a Shoe that has an elegant strap.

Please note

If you have full legs, avoid wearing shoes with a strap, because this item will accentuate what you wish to hide from others.

You do not need to bring any accessories. The most important thing you already accepted. And that you and your beautiful shoes are adorable strap. Now go on your walk or special meeting. And may you always accompanies Her Majesty lady Luck!

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