Shoes with an open toe

Shoes with an open toe is a trend of 2017, taking a leading position on all shows. Since then, this fashion shoes remains relevant, but the debate who, how and what to wear, continue.

Shoes with an open toe

Beige shoes with open nose

The most popular among all models are beige shoes with open toe. These shoes – spring-summer, the colors of these models are not atrelease image – tender and light. Tight bright dress, beige shoes with open nose, light pink handbag and jewelries to match the dress – a lovely soft romantic look. Another option is simple and edgy urban style (dark beige shoes, light brown shorts, brown purse with long thin strap, a turquoise long shirt, wide bracelet with turquoise).

Black shoes with open nose

Formal variant shoes – black shoes with open toe. In these stylish shoes will fit the same luxurious things. For example, outfit and bracelet with animal print, complemented with gold, creates a predatory way.

Red shoes with an open toe

Another trend red peep toe color which is slightly decreased (with a pink tinge). These shoes can be combined with casual clothes, and with evening. Under these red shoes will go well clothes are grey, orange, black and white colors.

With such shoes, you can easily experiment, by enabling the imagination to create your unique masterpiece.

White shoes with an open toe

Spring does not want to wear closed-toe shoes, and sandals to wear yet. Therefore, it is appropriate to be a white shoes with an open toe, ideal for brides. When choosing such shoes, many brides are afraid of how she will be comfortable. So this issue should be approached correctly, and then the legs get tired.

White shoes with open toe – not only of the wedding. These shoes, depending on design and purpose, will perfectly complement the evening look.

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