Shoes under a blue dress.

Shoes under a blue dress.

Extraordinary buying yourself new clothes, ask what are the shoes under the blue dress. While not every woman can afford a blue dress, because it is not a mandatory subject of women’s wardrobe.

Recommendations for choice of color of the shoes under the dress blue tone

According to experts, this year it is fashionable to be fairly bright. When choosing the evening dress blue tones should abandon too screaming colors, but the dresses designed for the beach, perfectly combined with colorful products.

If you want to focus on the shoes, choose models decorated with sparkling rhinestones, bows or other fashionable add-ons. Women who love the pretty bold colors, experts recommend under a blue robe to wear bright shoes (yellow, blue, red). She, like the proper selection of shoes to cropped pants, will help to focus on the beautiful female legs.

Products shade of metal (bronze, gold, silver) suitable for those who prefer something between a classic and rich stylish color. Similar tones perfectly accentuate the beauty of the legs, making the image fascinating. Following the recommendations of the experts, any woman can obtain a personal unique look, wisely choosing shoes, under a blue dress.

Popular today the blue tone has many shades. Trendy blue outfit has a noticeable and slightly aggressive tones (ultramarine, electric Indigo). To choose appropriate colors of clothes the characteristics of a person’s appearance, namely skin color and hair. So blondes will suit a refreshing light blue tone, dark brunettes — business dark-blue, and women with red hair — not an easy blue-green and the tone of the waves. Be aware of proper size, as to carry narrow shoes, at times, difficult.

The choice of shoes depending on the purpose of the dress blue tone

A classic version of business office set – outfits dark blue tones. Ideal under clothes of similar colors – shoes, made in classic style, black, red and white in color, although black shade can give the image a bit dark. If the dress is suitable for informal meetings, pick up under his shoes pearl grey or shades for special occasions – shoes silver (Golden) color. Remember that jewelry Golden color with excessive slope to the yellow can’t blend in with the clothing blue. Blue products also can ruin the created image.

For the warm season to dark blue together it is better to choose products with white or red shade and for winter brown shoes.

Blue clothing most successfully harmonize the accessories in cool hues. The richer and brighter tone of the outfit, the shorter should be the color and shape of jewelry.

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