Shoes to thin leg: how to choose

Shoes to thin leg: how to choose

Choose shoes to thin leg is not as easy as it sounds to owners of the more standard options of the tibia. Possible discomfort when walking and a «pencil in Cup» does not create the aesthetic spectacle.

Not to create cause for ridicule, is to be very careful at the stage of fitting the shoes of Valencia, knowing some of the secrets that will help you to be graceful leg and not overly thin.

Important tricks when buying shoes for skinny legs

It would seem that boots or shoes is able to solve the problem of thinness. But no! Improper shaft height is disproportionate in relation to the entire figure. In addition, even in our time the abundance of goods it is difficult to find boots matching the circumference of the thin calf. If the Shoe is of a smooth material, does not provide folds, for example, leather, smooth textile, the correct size must be perfect to avoid the kind of sloppy and unpresentable.

So you should consider options with a lightly textured material, but be careful with the decor: too big picture and abundance of details will attract unwanted attention, which we are trying to take. Although shoes fringe buckles across the height fits well with the freebie — looks a winner on the owners of skinny legs.

As for the colors, choosing shoes to thin leg, it is better to prefer low-key, light shades of white, avoiding too dark boots as well as bodily, beige shoes, which tend to continue the length of the legs, and visually more slimming.

Summer girls differ excessive thinness, can avoid to open tibia, preferring pants. In this case, the correct selection of Shoe with a closed toe, while allowing the wearing of shoes with open heel.

Skinny legs is a reason to buy beautiful shoes

In any case, do not chase the fashion, choosing to pointed models, summer sandals with hanging out the shaft and perforated boots, winter boots and Ugg boots is also not your option. A great solution can be considered leggings with matching ankle boots.

It is the femininity — moderate heel, elegant cut, smooth lines, is what you want to focus, thereby affirming the merits of his legs, contrary to public standards.

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