Shoes to the blue dress

In the wardrobe women’s shoes is never too much. But you can say if their choice was practical. Here, one should note three things:

— what style and model of shoes are totally different

— they must be with a comfortable fit and heel so they are easy to walk

they have where to go and suitable clothes to them

Shoes that are gathering dust in the closet, just for anything, if not open a Shoe Museum. So shoes should be selected in accordance with certain clothes and not to buy, because it is very beautiful. Take a look at the example, how to choose the shoes to the dress blue.

Shoes to the blue dress

Options blue dresses, and a lot, respectively, in the same amount and different models of shoes for them. The most winning option – the shoes are black.

Black shoes are a versatile option, suitable for any clothing. Despite the color and style of dress company black shoes or sandals would be very worthy.

In a blue sheath with a black jacket and black pumps it is possible to appear in the office. But if it’s the same dress to wear with black ballet flats and a cardigan, it’ll look a casual urban style. Blue evening dress with luxurious black shoes or sandals with heels will look luxurious. But the key is that the overall image will look harmonious. Festive, bright and beautiful is the image, if the blue dress to wear white shoes. The blue dress analog black dress in the style of Chanel is the best white pumps with a little heel and long strand of pearls. Blue beach dress option to wear with white sandals flat shoes.

For a sporty cut dress suit white sports sandals or teniski. Blue long sundress will be the most go well with a white Shoe or sandal. In the current trend of the season are beige shoes, which are great to a blue dress and visually slim and lengthen legs. Example of this are Hollywood stars.

Brown shoes is the perfect option. If the office blue dress, brown accessories, the ensemble can be completed with brown shoes.

Denim dresses and tunics can be worn with brown sandals or sandals, especially if the waist of the same color with a belt, and accessories from wood and leather.

Shoes to the blue dress

To the solemn event, you can wear Golden, silver shoes or sandals, the model of which shall be graceful, like shoes of Cinderella.

Both of these colors combined with a blue dress, gives the image of glamour and luxury. Decoration should be chosen correctly, the silver and gold do not mix.

Shoes to the blue dress

Blue shoes with a blue dress a face rather thin. But you can also use this option. Dress one tone with the shoes will be a good option, provided that it will not be very long.

Shoes to the blue dress

If the dress has a maximum length, the blue shoes will go smoothly in a blue dress that does not look very attractive. In this case the blue would be too much. But if the choice was stopped on this variant, it is the blue color of dilute matching accessories and makeup.

There are women who are not afraid to combine incongruous. For example, the blue dress, to wear red, yellow, and even pink shoes. Such combinations are very risky.

If you are not sure that you will be able to skillfully combine colors, do not experiment, and it is better to stay on the tried and tested options.

Need to know when choosing shoes to the blue dress than the classier model the dresses, the decor of the shoes should be modest and Vice versa.

Always remember that in the wardrobe details should not overshadow each other. After reviewing the main principles in the selection of shoes, you will find the right option.

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