Wedges — what to wear

Every woman knows what a wedge shoes. Their range is quite diverse, which is regulated in various heel height. The sole forms a continuous wedge extending from the heel to the middle foot or fingers, in the case when here there is a platform. In this Shoe the foot will always be comfortable despite the high heel.

At the beginning of the last century, these shoes were quite popular, but the peak of its popularity they achieved in the 70-ies, in the era of the hippies. They were especially allocated young girls as a convenient and open-toed shoes. Later they were joined by older women.

Wedges - what to wear

Summer shoes wedge is a sandal with a braided or rope soles ( espadrilles ). They are very comfortable for long trips and walks.

The material from which made the wedge heel can be quite varied: suede, leather, wood and rubber. In addition, the wedge can be decorated to match the shoes with rhinestones, drawings, embroidery and various other decorative elements.

Wedges - what to wear

Wedge shoes definitely have a lot of advantages. The large building on foot, allowing the foot to get tired quite a long time. Despite the high heel they are very stable and fit young women, not very jealousy studs.

In those shoes she will always look stylish and beautiful by best underscores the ankles. Feet, shod in these shoes will always impress with their elegance.

But to run in those shoes you unfortunately can’t, due to the high rise.

Wedges - what to wear

Today the most popular shoes that combine wedge heel and platform front. Still very much in demand shoes with an elegant wedge heel, slightly concave bottom, or back. Due to this wedge takes on a certain ease and lightness.

Buying such shoes, we have before us the question arises what is best to wear.

What to wear with wedge shoes

Wedges - what to wear

These shoes can be matched with any style of clothing. Be it casual, evening or business attire.

But best of all they will look with extra long, light skirts and dresses from the material. So they will look good with flared jeans and wide-leg pants, skirt, trousers. The list can be continued indefinitely. But you should not wear them with tight fitting clothes because you will look awkward.

Wedges - what to wear

Wedges - what to wear

This is a good addition to classy, colorful and fairly unusual ethnic style, which prevails at the present time.

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