Shoes on a high platform no heel

Do not get tired to surprise a relatively new Shoe masterpieces that have appeared at fashion shows and on the shelves not so long ago and has managed to conquer the hearts of many fashionistas. Shoes on a high platform, which in our time has become a real trend that appeared suddenly.

Fashionable new platform shoes without heel

The idea to create an unusual platform shoes without a heel applies Noritake Tatehana – Japanese fashion designer. He, inspired by the art of the geisha, wrote his thesis, geisha he took such an unexpected Shoe platform. This outrageous novelty could not surprise the audience, she immediately relished and gone in the wardrobe of many stars.

New product in the wardrobe of the stars

This new product was the first to notice and appreciate Lady Gaga, which immediately bought a pair of these shoes and was happy with my purchase. Outrageous and greedy to all new diva didn’t confuse the height of the platform, which in some cases reaches even half a meter.

Behind her these shoes acquired other stars who this new also relished, and they complement the shoes your outrageous wardrobe. After all, such shoes are created in order to draw attention to themselves.

Unusual shoes have Lucy Hale, Daphne Guinness, Victoria Beckham and many other stars. Many designers are so fond of this model that began to create a whole collection of unusual shoes.

The secrets of the durability of the shoes without heels

In this Shoe heels is actually missing. The secret of the stability of this model is that it holds a huge platform, located under the toe of this Shoe. However, you can find models, which acts as a support the small, barely visible heel. The rest is to handle the unusual shoes fashion designers connect all their imagination. The models are generously decorated with rhinestones, bows, ribbons, and especially fashionable in recent spikes.

This Shoe has quickly gained fans and critics. Of course, everyone has their own tastes. But an unusual model came to taste the many women and girls who want to look bright and even defiantly. The collection was flying with the speed of hot pies, ladies wanted to be sure to get a pair of fashionable shoes. The main disadvantage of this Shoe is that it is not quite practical and convenient. Some ladies don’t even know what it does you can move. However, in this model, all designed and thought out to the smallest detail: when walking the entire load borne by the platform, and so the balance in such shoes is not broken.

Of course, such shoes are not meant to wear it every day, and each incorrect step it can have dire consequences. So to wear these shoes only makes sense for fashionable parties.

To fit platform shoes without heels?

Such charm, a little rough, but no less attractive platform shoes were not only part of the shocking image of Lady Gaga. Many fashionistas are relished. This model can not attract attention to himself. However, most men think that these shoes are inferior to the classic shoes on high heels. But it doesn’t bother girls who want outrageous and choose for themselves, like Lady Gaga, something new.

Wedges without heels can successfully compete with similar models on the heel, because they have a common biographical fact, they are part of a stellar wardrobe. And it cannot be ignored. Even those girls who usually prefer classic models, acquire these shoes to surprise their partners and friends with something new. After all, if such footwear to successfully pick up clothes and think your way to detail and a platform Shoe will be able to conquer the heart of any man. Shocking novelty not only in fashion, she is the highlight, which a woman can successfully beat.

Shoes on a high platform no heel

Shoes on a high platform no heel

Shoes on a high platform no heel

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