Shoes hall soccer: features and rules selection

Shoes hall soccer: features and rules selection

Each of us, going to the Playground, wants his shoes to the hall football was the most comfortable, wear-resistant and durable. When choosing such shoes, you must consider a number of features that take into account manufacturers this kind of shoes. You should also consider that the quality of the Shoe under the cloak of such products did not fit.

The main aspects that need to pay attention to when selecting a football Shoe for the hall

the quality and material of manufacture of the sole. The main factor determining the selection of the sole, given the specificity of Futsal is that it must be made of durable and flexible material, such as polyurethane, or its quality substitutes. Today’s proprietary systems prevent the formation of corns and calluses in the thumb area. Some manufacturers integrated into the sole of the drives that increase comfort when wearing shoes;

very desirable the foam layer between the insole and the sole from polyurethane, which allows to reduce the load from jumping and sudden braking, strong aftershocks and beneficial effect on the entire musculoskeletal system of the athlete as a whole. A modern company producing shoes for the hall of football, have excellent characteristics reduce vibration, less prone to statybiniu and shrinkage;

— supporting or upper part of the Futsal shoes. This is the part of the Shoe that is most often subjected to loads and strikes the ball. As is usually the carrier part is a toe and the front part of the Shoe, including the laces, this part is most often made from natural materials and for the manufacture of five and the whole rear of the used synthetic materials and skin substitutes.

The most common materials used for soccer shoes for the hall

Shoes can be made of kangaroo leather is the most supple, flexible and durable material, breathable and wear-resistant. However, this skin uses only the top leading firms producing shoes for professional athletes.

Calfskin is popular due to reasonable price and excellent quality of the material, elasticity, softness and strength. When wearing the material tends to stretch that offers comfort in its use. In addition, with proper care (creams, impregnation) these shoes will serve you for several seasons.

Today quite a number of shoes is made of synthetic materials, which are characterized by lightness, strength, simplicity, is no worse than rubber shoes, water-repellent qualities.

Also when choosing shoes for Futsal, special attention must be paid to its weight, the bulk of which falls on the sole (280-300 grams), but if the sole is too thin, can hurt quality shoes in General.

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