Shoes for the disabled: what it should be

Shoes for the disabled: what it should be

Every person regardless of his physical features, wants to look attractive, so the shoes for the invalid should be not only convenient, but also to bring aesthetic pleasure. The majority of people with some difficulties in moving can not Express dissatisfaction with the inconvenience of a particular model. However, that is no reason to offer them substandard options that refused to wear shoes under the cloak.

Important requirements for shoes for the disabled

The main condition which must meet the shoes for the so-called » wheelchair — it is absolute convenience. Despite the fact that the feet may not always feel it or experience are not fully, many people with disabilities mind realize the need of comfort. Moreover, the convenience in the first place should concern correctly made pads. Special attention deserves the platform. In spite of all idle thinking, you should buy shoes with a raised sole, which has a pronounced non-slip effect.

We can not say about the options buckles for these versions of footwear for wheelchair users. Optimal will be a model equipped with a zip.

Moreover, it should be as deep. Best of all, if closure will achieve the soles. Many disabled people prefer to choose a Shoe that is equipped with multiple devices. Ideal is a model, which on the back there is a zipper and on the side, unlike shoes for tennis, there is a place for lacing.

Other convenience criterion is considered sufficient. Too narrow shoes for a disabled person may worsen his condition. In particular, often spasticity becomes more active and powerful. This can result in a very unpleasant from the point of view of psychological comfort of the situation. After all, this process manifests as uncontrollable movement of the legs in the form of a shiver. Thus, feet are kind off uncomfortable shoes.

In addition, such models can cause wounds on the feet and even some semblance of pressure sores.

Special shoes for disabled people

Special attention should be paid to the choice of orthopedic shoes. Its lining, insoles, arch supports – is something that directly affects the health and well-being of the disabled person. Material have sufficiently air-permeable. If this is not provided, skin problems can not be avoided.

In spite of that, girls with disabilities remain true to themselves. They try to have at least one pair of high-heeled footwear. Acquiring such models, you need to ensure their sustainability. If the foot slips off the footrest, it may end in tears at least a sprained ankle.

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