Shoes for small women

Shoes for small women

At the present time to pick up shoes for small women is a difficult task, because in many ways, the appeal of women’s legs depends on the correctness of the choice made. Sometimes women of small stature is difficult to select the suitable couple only to her, not breaking any difficulties. Difficult even to select the appropriate type of lacing shoes, not to mention everything else.

What kind of shoes to choose small women?

Today the range of products is quite large – the designers presented a variety of models and styles, materials, and shapes of the heel. For low ladies salvation are the heels give the figure gracefulness and allow you to visually increase the length of the legs. The advantage of the low women the opportunity to «grow» with heels. And women who are tall, even without heels, remain high. Projecting a certain image, the woman must choose a model of footwear and decide on the heel height.

This season, low girls, the designers offer fashionable products on a high platform and stiletto heel. According to experts, the leg looked elegant and in proportion, perfect heel height should not exceed 8 cm, of Course, every day to wear her high-heeled shoes — a difficult test, harms women’s health. So that the feet had received the required rest, for walks with friends it is advisable to choose a product without a heel (unlike at night). Among low dam there are lovers of sports style shoes with flat comfortable soles or low heels. Shoes for small women needs to be stylish and comfortable at the same time.

The rules of combination of shoes and clothing for women of small stature

The choice of footwear depends on the season. So, in the warm season with airy dress will be combined perfectly light clogs or regular shoes. As a lover of high heels can create the airy look by wearing a product on the heel with a transparent top. Low winter girls can wear the items on a platform or high, but enough heel.

Under well-chosen shoes you need to choose the right outfit. Before low girls constantly question how to choose the length of the skirt or pants. The perfect length of the pants is the length, which closes a large part of the heel. Products of stiletto it is good to combine with a top and jeans and with a suit. Of course, a lover of high heels, is always attractive and graceful look.

To women’s legs look elegant and graceful, should not design shoes to weight. You should give preference to products on the heels with a light top, even though the products on the platform more reliable and stable. Not important to the growth of girls, as long as the convenience of footwear harmoniously combined with a refined taste.

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