Sew a formal dress with your own hands

Sew a formal dress with your own hands

A lot of girls would like to try yourself as a fashion designer, but do not have the skills of cutting and sewing. But the finished dress does not always suit us, and so want to show their creativity. Maybe at first glance, this lesson will seem difficult, but definitely not boring, because there is an opportunity to show their creativity.

Let’s look at all stages of evening dresses, and, following the detailed instructions of experienced professionals, will make a simple evening dress in the Greek style.

Style any evening dresses is selected depending on the shape type and format of the occasion for which you plan to wear it. This also applies to the embodiments thereof.

Evening dress in Greek style is quite simple and is characterized by the presence of folds and draperies. And that’s how they will be arranged, only you can decide.

Having defined the model of evening dresses, we need to find or create a pattern.

You should remember that the pattern for sewing evening dresses very different from the pattern for sewing casual clothes will not. The difference can be only in the presence of gruppirovok, context and depth neckline. And it can be modeled on the main piece.

You need to consider all the details of your dress and to sketch them.

Taking measurements

Each of us has their own particular shape, so when you create patterns that should be considered. If you already have a ready-made form, it should check and adjust the fit.

You will need to remove the following measurements: circumference of hips and waist, chest and height of chest, length and shoulder width.

To take correct measurements, you may help your loved ones or employees of the company.


The choice of fabric will influence factors such as the model of the dress, time of year, the skill level of the seamstress and recommendations for this style.

In order to make a dress quickly and easily, you should choose a simple model and fabric that is easy to handle. You will also help save time if you select a simple style and going to sew of composite fabric or Vice versa.

To list here fabrics from which we sew dresses, we won’t. You can find the right fabric, comparing the properties of the selected fabric properties fabric, which is recommended for sewing this model. Pay attention to dresses in her wardrobe and ready models of dresses in the store.


The next step will be modeling the dresses. Take as a basis the pattern basics of your dress, and then load it into a modeling program or transfer it to tracing paper. Determine which length will be at your dresses, and label it on the segment BF.

Also draw in the drawing the insert under the breast. To do this, you will need to defer from the points C and C1 down four or five inches and more points for a direct connect. Then you should close the undercut. The insert must be solid and have no seams. Smooth lines you will need to issue both inserts.

Piping cap should be noted on the drawing, given the characteristics of the chosen model. It is marked pink in the drawing. Its width will be half to two centimeters. On the shoulder seam, the neckline should extend from a point G two and a half to three inches.

In the neck of the dress also will need to be translated into the solution a chest tuck G2-N1-G3. Also you can set it and cutting the line under the breast. To do this, you should be perpendicular to the line of the neck to hold the line which marked in red. Its movement is shown in figures 1 and 2.

By moving N1-G2-1-2, you must close the tuck G2-N1-G3. For this you will need to connect the point G2 with point G3.

A smooth line is needed, as in the diagram, draw armhole of the dress.

To assemble a shelf bodice, you should have been expanded with sections that have the schema blue. The pattern should be cut and separated so that each cut has increased by three to four centimeter. With smooth lines make uneven line of neck.

In order to form soft folds, the bottom of the shelves and backs need to expand to fifteen or twenty inches.


The basic details of the sewing patterns evening dresses in Greek style are as follows. They now need to transfer to your material. This paper details will be pinned to the fabric with pins. Then outline the details of a remnant or a chalk and given the seam, cut it out. If necessary, smoothen the edges of the fabric.


Details of your dress should be collected in this order:

•Originally laid pleat on the bodice.

•Then to the bodice front and back prostrachivajut detail belt.

•After that is made the armhole and the neckline is processed with bias binding.

•Bodice should perform the left side seam.

•After that you need to lay the folds on the skirt, and then perform the side seam and connecting the skirt with the bodice.

•Right side seam, you should sew the zipper.

•The bottom of the dress will need to bend.

After piecing together details try on dresses in order to address the shortcomings. The finished dress should be decorated the way you planned.

We presented the main stages of manufacturing of your hands evening dresses in the Greek style. You can choose the scheme of work and to complement the existing additional nuances

And even if that is something you get immediately, that is no reason to despair because may be wrong even professionals.

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