Seven things that never go out of fashion

Fashion is fleeting and volatile. Sometimes it is not easy to follow all its changes, trends and influences. However, there are a number of things that was considered by many, and ten, forty and sixty years ago. And, most likely, will remain «on trend» in the future. Those are the things that can be called basic in the wardrobe of any self-respecting fashionista should be a place for them.

1.White shirt

The trend for all ages – plain, simple, without any decorative elements and frills – white shirt. Depending on what you match, you can easily create ten to fifteen images, which are suitable for all walks of life.


Versatile clothing for people of all ages and gender – it’s jeans. To date, their varieties there is a huge number. For basic wardrobe, we recommend you to select regular straight-leg jeans with a medium waist blue or dark blue. The only caveat is that they must fit you like a glove. Only in this case they can take a list of basic wardrobe. So that the jeans can take days or even weeks, but it’s worth it.

3.Little black dress

The invention of the legendary Coco Chanel has become a lifesaver for women all over the world. Simple and elegant dress with no frills, which, depending on what you can add to it, transformed from a humble little office, in a luxurious evening dress. If in your wardrobe there is a little black dress, your closet is clearly not complete.


Simple and versatile, comfortable and stylish – pumps. They come in a variety of colors and are perfect any foot. It is not only beautiful, but also very convenient.

5.Pencil skirt

This simple piece of clothing can dramatically change your life. After all, choosing the right pencil skirt brought to mind not one representative of the strong half of mankind.


Extremely comfortable element of the wardrobe – it will warm in the windy autumn day, and give your body the smoothness and accentuate the severity of the lines.


Brought into fashion by famous designer Yves Saint Laurent. Turtlenecks emphasize the elegance of the figures, focuses on the chest and hides from the eyes of some figure flaws. Just the perfect choice for women who work or just often have to look quite strict and reserved, but don’t want to turn into a «gray mouse».

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