Select the perfect bra

If you need to choose the right bra, the expert Lindsay brown will help you with this. She gives advice even to the women in Royal families and Hollywood stars. Today she will help you.

To determine your size, take a deep breath, exhale, and measure the diameter below the Breasts. From this subtract 10 cm, circumference of the bra takes care of 80% of the weight of the breast. Next, you need to lean forward to measure your bust. Now, you can say you know your size!

Next, we need to choose the Cup size of the bra on a special table, it is in each house. For example, a Cup is 12 cm, Cup B – 14 see But Lindsay brown tables does not use, she says that the choice of bra only a personal matter. But then you have to start!

Be very careful not to trust the seller, who says that if you apply the body and shoulders forward, it will be your size. Don’t believe it, because in the perfect bra, the Breasts may grow by 3-4 in size, for example, Is. But usually the maximum is 2 sizes. When you are ready to style, take along several dimensions, in order to test which suits you.

Pay special attention to the convenience of the bra first minutes, it is not true that it needs to be close and hard, because the right bra is comfortable from the first seconds. It is very important to learn how to put on and wear. Wearing the selected model, just lean forward, and conveniently place the Breasts in the cups. If the breast rests comfortably in a soft material, the choice is made correctly. Straps stretch, but not so much that they cut into the skin, and gently lift the Cup up.

In the end, make sure that the bra you big!

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