Select shoes country style

Select shoes country style

Select shoes country style

Shoes country style – plain shoes with low heels; clogs of wood, don’t need the makeup to the shoes; the sandals are decorated with straps or laces, and other items on a powerful flat shoes. Fans of this style – an unusual and sensitive people who are able to combine newaccountname.

Features of shoes made in the country style

Currently under the articles, country-style means environmental products made from natural materials in a rustic style with ethnic elements. Since the country style is characterized by the presence of fringe, and the products are most often found different interpretations fringe along the entire height of the boot or the little tassels on the shoes.

Often the style is called cowboy country. The characteristic features of this style:

— natural materials used to make products

— practicality,

— discreet color (used often in muted pastel tones),

— comfort styles.

Shoes country style in combination with the appropriate clothing can create quite delicate and romantic look. But the prerequisite of this style – practicality and convenience. All items made in this style, quite soft and will be able to serve the owner for one season. Easy to walk in for long periods of time, even if you prefer active rest on the nature, far outside the city (in the woods, in the country). And here’s tips for shoes of ice with the country style are combined does not matter.

Varieties of shoes in the style of the country

This style is widespread in the world of fashion and today is a leader. World famous designers offer today a huge variety of products released in the country style.

Especially popular were the various ethnic patterns, trim or lace. Men’s shoes country soft toe boots made of sturdy leather with spurs on the heels. Women’s shoes country leather boots or high shoes with a fairly thin skin to the ankle with laces, tassels and buttons. It is this height protects against ingress of sticks, sand and dirt.

You must understand that dressing in country style, you should choose products very soft, genuine leather, natural colours. In addition, fans of this style prefer natural materials for the manufacture of soles and the internal surface of the Shoe.

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