Secrets of harmony from Jessica Alba

Actress Jessica Alba always looked very slim and toned. She never allowed himself to «run» and we are ashamed to say, was that he got almost nothing – at the expense of «good» genetics. It turned out that in order to be in this form to Jessica, like many of us have to make considerable efforts.

According to her, she was in the hall, and alternates different workouts, from dance to weightlifting. Unfortunately, far not always manages to give the class enough time. Actress schedule is quite loaded and to keep fit she has to stick to is not very strict, but still diet. And to make it not only useful, but also delicious, Jessica does not get tired to experiment. So, the artist is the Creator of the copyright protein shake:

«My own protein shake consists of green tea, banana, coconut and ice water. I often drink it instead of snacking throughout the day – it is good thirst quencher and hunger».

Well, now we can take this «recipe star» on arms.

But her image and the beautiful appearance is not only beautiful body but also your confidence, inner strength. Jessica herself claims that she received only after the birth of a child:

«I’ve never been so sure in yourself and your body after childbirth. Now, I’m completely comfortable with him. I seemed to have lost some weight».

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