Scottish skirt

Scottish skirt today is quite modern. About most of these things in the female wardrobe of the modern woman, we can safely say that some time ago, they were intended only to men. Separately focus our attention on a Scottish skirt. In our time it has acquired the status of almost uniseksovo garment. Famous mens national Scottish costume kilt for several seasons used as the basis for creating stylish, fashionable and popular Scottish skirt.

While creating new collections of designers all over the world constantly turn its attention to the famous tartan brand. Tartan is a material that is characteristic checkered pattern. This season the most popular, stylish and trendy colors of the Scottish skirt are: black, red, white, gray, black and green-blue-purple. And the most fashionable and the main shade in the fall and winter of this year will be red. The main fabric is taffeta and wool. It is from these materials will be sewing fashionable and stylish skirts-plaid. For darker tones, it will use the velvet.

Designers turned the world of fashion turned on its head. They made skirts-plaid, for young fashionistas and for older women. Skirt with a modern fit elegant and feminine. With a Scottish skirt goes well the classic white blouse. A variety of accessories and decorations, which were never superfluous, but on the contrary has always enriched the female image, are also commonly used. This, of course, bows, lace and Flirty.

Many fashion designers in our time, following the principle of «new – is well forgotten old» turn to the past for fresh and new ideas. Newly opened to the public the public short skirts-plaid green together with boots or high pumps, which are made from plaid and the only colors fuchsia or red.

More democratic and modest women fashion designers want to offer Scottish skirt, created in a minimalist style, with a tartan black and gray-white hue. The undoubted hit of the season — Scottish skirt made of tartan has a red hue that blends wonderfully together with a plain cardigan. This very feminine outfit truly shows and emphasizes the retro style.

It should be noted another interesting model that is presented in the latest collections. We are talking about black and white skirt with the available patches of red, with huge pockets and lots of wrinkles. This option is more suitable for young people. The latest model of the Scottish skirt looks great together with the same classic bag.

Show imagination and creativity, designers are pleased with their new approach to the idea of mixing together different types of tartan, as well as mixing it with other fabrics. This way you can get unpredictable color and texture solutions.

Very strange models presented by the Japanese designers. The most popular in the current season model – short skirt-tartan, which has a narrow fitted pants, the length almost to the knees. This model is made of tartan Navy blue hue in the style of punk. It will suit a bold and brave fashionista, for which experiments with outfits is nothing new.

Also for sewing skirts-scotlanduk in the current season will be used cotton, silk and chiffon. But the most popular lightweight flannel, lace, velvet, brocade, cotton fabrics and silk prints. There are also models of scotlanduk that have a zipper along the entire length in the form of buttons.

A wide variety of textures, colors and length of calls one reasonable question to ask. What you need to wear the new model Scottish skirts? Mini skirt with leggings and a bustier is a very unusual combination, but if you have mesh pantyhose, it turns very peculiar. This season clothing is very popular layering. The Scottish skirts will also perfectly suit shirt with tie, dark cardigan or a simple white blouse.

Below in the photo gallery you will see various Scottish skirts :

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