Satin underwear

This silk faille is unlikely to be confused with any other fabric. To the touch this fabric is very nice, it is smooth and gentle and able to give coolness. At the same time, the glossy surface makes it lovely and visual perception. We are of course talking about the Atlas, which produced not only clothes and shoes, but also underwear.

Many women are just crazy about satin negligees, nightgowns, combinations and panties.

Types satin bottom


Very comfortable made to feel absolutely any woman complete with satin shorts and also short satin nighties. This kit is very useful in socks, very practical, able to give the body a soft and long time to maintain its attractive appearance.

Satin night shirt will make your sleep more comfortable, but in addition to sleep will also be good clothing for a simple stay.

If you consider yourself an erotic nature, then you definitely need to look at combinations of satin. They combine comfort and sexiness, and allow their owners to feel more confident, and any woman who wears this combination, will feel the most that neither is the Queen.

Very often satin underwear decorated with lace, ribbons, sequins, beads and other ornaments, but at the same time, probably one of the main advantages of this underwear is its self-sufficiency, that is, it will look wonderful without any ornaments and decor.

If we talk about colors satin underwear, it can have a wide variety of colors ranging from classic black, white and beige, and ending with turquoise, hot pink and light green, and besides, it can be plaid, flower or polka dot, thus Recalling such clothes, which in his time wore, even our grandmothers.

You need to understand that the quality of the satin and made from linen, also may differ significantly. In this regard, it is recommended to buy satin lingerie exclusively in specialized stores, and not on the market.

Why satin underwear?

First of all, it is worth noting the high functionality, practicality and eroticism of it. A woman, wearing such clothes, almost can’t feel it on my body, and it allows you to wear it even on the hottest summer days.

A lot of women when choosing underwear prefer to buy satin lingerie, and this is understandable, since the existing at the present time his huge range allows every woman to find something to your taste.

In addition, it may also be noted that silk underwear will be the perfect gift in case of need, and such a gift can be considered a safe bet when a man presents it to his wife or girlfriend.

Below in the photo gallery you will see satin underwear:

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