Sarah Jessica Parker came up with the design of the diamond brooch

Star of TV series «sex and the city» Sarah Jessica Parker with the famous Thai jewelry designer Cindy Chao has developed a new design brooches, includes precious stones. It is planned that at the forthcoming Hong Kong in October this year, Sotheby’s, this thing will be sold in around 7 Hong Kong dollars. All funds received will be used to support one dance Studio in new York.

Cindy Chao and Sarah Jessica Parker

Brooch from Sarah made of precious metals – gold and titanium. In addition, it is equipped with a heavy diamond, which «pulls» on 26.27 carats, and large plates of diamonds weighing 47.71 carats. Also a brooch in the shape of dancing butterflies, has inclusions of pearls.

As recognized Cindy Chao, before that it always worked independently, and when there was a project work together, she decided to stay at the star of the popular «Sex in the city», which has become a style icon. It should be noted that a collection of little ballerina, became the sixth Black Label Masterpiece Butterfly.

According to Sarah Jessica, she had long watched Chao, and all the time get pleasure from her work. As Sarah says, her work is something. The very same Hollywood diva are proud of this cooperation, since sale of products is pursuing a very noble goal – to help the dance Studio, where she’s been sympathetic.

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