Rules for women 2017

Women have always been considered the weaker sex, and according to the rules of etiquette men play the role of guardianship over them. Why such an attitude should not be taken with gratitude, but do not need to require that not comme Il faut. For example, if in transport the young man is not inferior to you the place you can assume that he just feels bad.

According to the rules of etiquette the man should give the lady the left frame. In any rules there are exceptions. If the pair is in a new location, for example, a restaurant, a person can come in first, so to speak, checking the safety of the path. In this case, the door is opened by the doorman, if any. Otherwise, the gentleman he opens the door, and then ahead of the lady, showing her the way.

If stairs are a man and a woman in different directions, the woman would not depart from the railing. But, entering the Elevator, the man ignores the woman forward, and leaving it, on the contrary.

The transport to pass the first right belongs to the woman will support the man by the elbow. The first man goes out and helps his companion and the other women who also come from transport. In the wardrobe of the man at first helps a woman to remove outer clothing, and then he takes off his. Should dress so, first to help the lady and then dress yourself.

The appearance of women should be always tidy and well groomed (clean clothes and shoes). Attention should be paid to shoes, purse, gloves and handkerchief. According to the rules, these accessories have to perfectly match the tone of the outfit. Despite the fact that most of using disposable paper handkerchiefs, a real lady waterproof eye only a thin silk handkerchief. We must remember that it is considered bad manners pungent smell of perfume or deodorant.

Day don’t wear much jewelry, but on the evening of the event you should wear jewelry. It is important not to overdo it.

If you have somewhere to go, is to discuss clothes. To prepare for the exit to clean myself up only need at home or in the dressing room. It is considered bad manners in public places at the table or outside to powder his nose, comb his hair, fix her clothes or cleaned her nails. The rules of etiquette allow you to catch a glimpse in the mirror and my lipstick.

On a date the lady might be late for 5-10 minutes, but no more. In a restaurant or cafe must choose a man and a woman wait for an invitation to sit (satellite in this case pushes back the chair). At the table a man sits to the left of the ladies or opposite (if the table is small). The first menu reads woman choosing meals for yourself, but order for two needs a man.

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