Rockabilly style

Rockabilly is such a stylistic direction, which adjoins the mostly uninhibited nature, who do not wish to merge with a total mass of. What this style is?

This trend applies not only to manner of dress, but the whole image of the person as a whole. In such environment, to attract everyone’s attention. It may be the brightest clothes, accessories, or fancy makeup. But this does not mean that you have to change in a negative embodiment, it should be positive.

For a complete understanding of this type of style, as an example take the movie «Stilyagi», which gained popularity back in 2008. In this painting fully shows the image of rockabilly in all its diversity. Many of the star specimens were fans of this style decision.

If you want to experience the atmosphere of a rockabilly style completely and feel it in detail, take the time to view this film. And only after that feel free to go to the store and turns.

For the beautiful ladies, this style can offer different clothes of bright colors. The possible variations with satin blouses, fitted shirts, summer style. From all kind has to say femininity and elegance.

Every thing is designed to emphasize your strengths and put them in the best possible light. Dress can highlight the beauty of the chest, skirt to flaunt shapely legs. It is advisable to use in your outfit straps, which more clearly highlight your waist, or lengthen it visually.

Skirts in the form of a semicircle or half of the sun, belong to this style and look charming and feminine. And if this beauty is still in the form of line, the charm will greatly increase.

The shirts have cuffs on the sleeves and large buttons on the chest pockets are present.

Legs have to be heels. Very impressive will look bright lacquer shoes in conjunction with the colored background all apparel.

Although the makeup of this style is the brightness, but it is still quite simple. Basically, the main focus is on the eyes using eyeliner. The arrows are drawn with a brush, and the color can be anything.

On the lips has a red color, the shade that’s right for you. It can be a lipstick or a gloss.

Now, after selecting suitable cosmetics, you can begin to apply makeup. First paint the lips with a pencil in the tone of lipstick or gloss. To visually enlarge the lips, on the middle part of the lips to apply more funds without rubbing. And finally, it came to hairstyles.

Unacceptable no marasleios, all you need to Shine with cleanliness. The main feature of this method is body hair. The amount present in everything. Here is where to show their imagination. Suit and big hair, and air locks and simple twist, but it would stand out and attract the overall looks.

On ears let them flaunt bright earrings, hang on the neck of a large pendant on a thin chain and hand bracelet.

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