Robin Wright: «I’m over 40 and I do not inject Botox!»

Famous Hollywood actress Robin Wright, snapcase in many paintings, including the series «house of cards», stated that she likes the way she looks at 48, and she does not need to return to the days of his youth.

As reported by the Guardian many years ex-wife of Hollywood star Sean Penn actress, she is happy that switched forty years and does not feel the need to do Botox injections. Moreover, the last 5 years became the best in her long career as an actress. As Robin says, it is completely useless to go back 20 years ago because that period was associated with fear and tears. Now anything similar in her life no, she all and all have been already proved.

And yet, as recognized by the heroine of the film «Forrest Gump», the requirements in terms of appearance in Hollywood remain the same. The viewer needs young person, therefore, despite its attractiveness, Robin is afraid that in the near future she can not offer big roles.

According to the actress, the audience impose some standards, and it’s not cause for concern. The fact is that sooner or later everyone gets old, and if people are not ready for it, watching in Hollywood films, only fresh young faces, in the future things could get worse for most of them. Consequently, those who do not want to resort to services of plastic surgeons, simply will be deprived of chances of getting decent roles. Says Robin Wright, she wants to work and grow old in a natural way, while remaining who she is.

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