Red wedding dress-2017

Of course, in childhood every girl dreams of a white wedding dress with lots of frills, lace and lace. But the closer the wedding day, the bride-to-be often think about the outfit of another color. Many choose for their wedding it was the red dress that the bride looks just luxurious, and even sometimes shocking guests.

World traditions

In the traditions of many peoples the red light occupies a special place. He often has a sacred or Holy meaning. For example, in the Kievan Rus ‘ the bride wore red tunics, which were considered the talisman of the brides.

In India, white wedding outfits designed for men, and girls marry in a red suit, embellished with beautiful gold embroidery, which made the wedding dress even more luxurious and solemn.

Fashion trends

Many brides choose wedding dress primarily based on the latest fashion trends. And lately, fashion designers often offer wedding dresses of red color.

One of the collections of designer Vera Wang just made a splash with their red wedding dresses. Another trendy designer Valentine Garavani says that the color red is one of his favorites, and he rejects all the claims of critics that the red color does not fit all. He said that you just need to find exactly your shade of red. All of this can be attributed to wedding dresses.

Philosophy red wedding dresses

Traditionally white wedding dress says about the innocence of the bride, so many pregnant brides opt for wedding dress of another color, in particular red wedding dress. Although the red wedding dress choose the bride is also very brave and determined, and also originally.

To feel in my wedding dress perfectly, you should take into account some recommendations:

1.Always listen to your inner feelings. After all, if you find yourself in a red wedding dress will feel uncomfortable or be embarrassed, you’d better to choose the traditional wedding dress color, and favorite red dress, leave for the second day of the wedding.

2.If you have a huge desire to put on to the wedding red dress, and this desire is much stronger than fear of embarrassment, you need to choose the right shade of red.

3.You will have a more serious approach to the selection of accessories, because they must match exactly in tone with the dress.

4.Also remember to dress your groom, because your dress should harmonize with its outfit. You can make his clothing some elements of your dress, such as matching the tone with your dress the handkerchief or a boutonniere.

A compromise

There are also a compromise for brides who wish to wear a red wedding dress, but at the same time, shy or afraid. You can opt for a white dress decorated with red elements. It can be lace or belt and can be red embroidery with added beads or pearls.

Of course, the wedding dress of red color that you have chosen at will, will not in itself bring you happiness. It is important for you to consider many other factors. But your wedding party it can decorate, it will add a touch of passion and unbridled energy. Moreover, it will definitely be remembered by your guests!

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