Red carpet Emmy 2017 (photo)

In Los Angeles, hosted major television ceremony of the year — the award ceremony Emmy. We offer You to evaluate to evaluate the outfits of the stars and select the best and the worst among them.

Buxom Christina Hendricks chose to exit Naeem Khan dress. Not the best choice, frankly, a large number of black and gold «absorbed» the delicate skin of the actress and her red curls. Besides, the dress is emphasized the lack of waist from Hendricks.

Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa in «Game of thrones» appeared on the award in the pants. Well, it happens that the stars choose to exit on the red carpet elegant pantsuits, but it’s definitely not the case. In combination with a strange purple top.

Lena heady, another star of the series «Game of thrones» chose a good color dresses, but did not guess with a cut and style.

Lady Gaga just struck by its elegance of spectators and guests. Image of a lady 40 years is surprising is the star, and I must say that marriage is clearly good for the eccentric singer.

Sofia Vergara is clearly the right choice of the style of dress is good, figure allows you to try on such outfits. With color the actress is also not missed — metallic silver successfully set off his tanned skin.

Kerry Washington in Marc Jacobs looks at least strange — the bottom of the dress looks like a chandelier from Versailles. Fortunately, the stylists of the stars had not thought to add catchy accessories.

Gina Rodriguez chose to exit on the red carpet delicate outfit by Lorena Sarbu. The main thing in these dresses — not to cross that line when you cease to be an angel in the flesh and become the girl-cake.

The choice Amy Roberts fell on a dress by Jenny Packham, and then again failure. Firstly this dress is not very suitable to girls with small Breasts, and secondly, in this color she looks like a Ghost.

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Oscar de la Renta looks at the background of other very well — the actress’s bust allows you to wear such corsets, the shade of the skirt is the amazing star, and the style of dress perfectly accentuates her figure.

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