Protective spray shoes with antifungal

Protective spray shoes with antifungal

Spray shoes with antifungal allows you to quickly remove unwanted symptoms on legs (itching, burning, peeling and sweating) and also to disinfect the product inside. It is powerful against fungi and depriving the feet. Although to remove the glue from the shoes it will not help.

Features anti-fungal spray for shoes

To avoid fungal infestations, you must do the special rules of caution. So, in public areas you can move barefoot, and when you use the fitness club or public locker room locker shouldn’t be in contact with towels and clothing of strangers. Need to wear socks and ventilated, easy breathable shoes. The wet product is a suitable place for development of microbes. You should wear comfortable and roomy shoes, does not cause sweating of the feet.

In the event of a collision with things that might be infected by fungi, spray be sprayed on the nails and skin of feet. You must process all items that have been used by infection with the fungus. To handle the product, you need for five days in a row thoroughly spray the product on the inner surface of the product. To exclude the possibility of re-infection, disinfection should be performed together with the treatment of the disease.

Part of the spray includes active ingredients which are responsible for the security of the skin from various microorganisms. To prevent possible diseases, it is recommended to use spray shoes with antifungal, which is handy to handle hard-to-reach creases between the toes and the sole. It is also recommended to use the correct lacing of the Shoe, so as not to pinch the foot.

The advantages and disadvantages of antifungal spray for shoes

In addition, the spray quite rapidly destroys the fungi that are the root cause of diseases of the nails and skin, it has a number of other advantages:

spray gun gives you the opportunity to apply the tool in the upper rotated position of the cap

— it is easy to apply and dosing, avoiding contact with skin,

in its composition does not include alcohol.

Antifungal agents inhibit the development of the disease, and staying a long time in the nails, reduce the period of treatment.

The effectiveness of the treatment of the nails depends on the time of referral of patients to medical attention and treatment requirements.

The disadvantages of the spray include the fact that bottle is enough for long term preventive use or the disinfection of a large number of sets of shoes. Also, for a complete nail treatment need additional methods to improve their condition.

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