Every girl faces the problem of choosing a new pair of shoes. We propose to consider what is fashionable in the coming summer season, not to be mistaken with the choice of a particular model. Every girl will find something you like to it, because the designers have presented a wide range of new products.

This season continues to be extremely popular platform. At the height of fashion platform sandals. Even the most demanding fashionistas taken into account, each will find what she likes. Shoes and platform sandals comfortable, convenient and is certainly relevant. Bright and stylish new items are presented, taking into account all the fashion trends.

The history of the platform

The story of platform begins not 50 years ago, as is commonly believed, but much earlier. It goes back to the days of the pattern, tureckih takanot and Japanese smoke and het. All of the above is the prototype of the modern platform Shoe. The first such model appeared in Paris, in the 30-ies of the last century. Gradually, the trend spread to other countries. Special popularity the platform has gained in the 70-ies, when women tried to use it to increase growth. Now popular all kinds of platforms, from neat fine cliffs to the appalling rude structures.

The stores offer a wide range of models of sandals and shoes on the platform and combine heel with platform. So, you can find a variety of options, combining the simplicity and originality at the same time. It all depends on your taste preferences. Summer platform shoes will perfectly complement the image. The girl that has no such pair, is simply obliged to urgently go to the store for new clothes.

The shape of the Shoe

The platform is not the only focus of fashion shoes and sandals. Special attention is also paid to the shape of the toes, which in most models, rounded. Also very popular is a little blunt and pointed toe. However, the smoothness of the lines should still be preserved, no matter, everyday is the model or in the evenings.


The platform can be very diverse in color, here designers have tried. Very actual monochrome pattern and natural colors. Of course, as before important black and white combination. Special attention is paid to ornaments to shoes. Many ladies will appreciate a neat lace-up embellished faux sparkling jewels. Against such a beauty in a store window are unlikely to resist any girl.

The advantages of the platform

The platform is a trend of the summer season. Pros platform Shoe obvious, they will not hesitate to call any girl at least once try on these models. Platform increases growth, makes the figure slimmer. Sole is flexible and soft or, conversely, rigid and stiff in the heel. Before very relevant cork sole. Special attention the designers paid to detail: a variety of lanyards, jewelry made of stones and other small, but adds personality nuances.

Further photos can be seen of the fashionable shoes on the platform :





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