Platform sandals

In recent years more and more popular in the heat of summer are platform sandals.

Last season were in fashion bright sandals, decorated with flowers, bows, straps and different laces. This season the main emphasis designers have done on the platform.

In addition, that platform sandals are very comfortable, they make a woman more slender and high.

Besides, this Shoe looks great both with a simple pencil skirt and with skinny jeans and shorts. It is important that the sandals fit your style and figure.

Lace-up this season, as well as trendy clothes will be decorated with various patterns of flowers, leaves.

Fashion platform sandals animal print, that is printed under the skin of different animals like snake.

Just pay attention to the fabric platform sandals, further photos. They really accentuate a beautiful outfit, and also the slimness of your legs.

Especially popular among fashionable women sandals will enjoy the rich colors of fruit, which perfectly match with light dresses. In fashion as well platform sandals polka dots.

Buying platform sandals, be sure to try on and walk in them. Platform height, add height, but do not forget that you need to feel comfortable and safe, and walking to feel the ease.

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